Iowa Football Helmet – A History


The modern era of University of Iowa football helmets began with a yellow helmet, gray facemask, black vertical stripe and black numbers on the side. This design was used through 1964 and was brought back once in 2010 in a game against Ball State to commemorate the 1959 Rose Bowl Champion Hawkeye squad. The first major change occurred in 1965 when the numbers on the side were replaced by a black "I" with a white circle and a thin black outline in the logo spot. This logo did not last long, however. By 1966, the "I" was removed and the helmet was just solid yellow with black and white vertical stripes.

A logo returned in 1971 with a large soaring eagle across a black background. The eagle had a lot of shading to it. Since the background was now black, the vertical striped switched to a single yellow vertical stripe. This was the second time a logo only worn one year. By 1972, the logo was changed with all the shading being removed. The eagle was solid yellow, and its talons were similar but slightly altered and thicker. By 1974, Iowa decided it like the solid design again and went back to the solid yellow helmet; this time only having one black stripe with no white stripe outline like they did in the late sixties.

The year 1977 marked another shift. As was popular in that era, the name Iowa in cursive was applied to the yellow helmet with black stripe. The Iowa decal was black but out in black. As facemasks of different colors became available, the uniform designers at Iowa decided that a black facemask would fit this design perfectly. The design overall looked pretty crisp as black and yellow are some of the easiest colors to read and see from afar (the billboard industry knows this and uses this scheme often when they are trying to catch your attention).

The current Iowa football helmet has been in use for over 30 years believe it or not. The black helmet with yellow stripe and a graphic Hawkeye head came into use in 1979. This is one of the most memorable logos in college sports and immediately catches your eye with the beak, eye, head, and part stretching from the eye toward the body . High schools and other teams have used this popular logo. There have been a few occasions since 1979 when the Hawkeye football team wore a different helmet. At least twice they have worn an all black helmet to mourn either camp shooting victims or a player's parents. They also wore a gold helmet once in 2004 to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of Kinnick Stadium.

One final interesting element of the Iowa Hawkeyes football helmet has been the "ANF" letters which where place on a small decal on the back of the helmet. This was worn in the mid to late 80's and early 90's. Many people wonder what those letters stand for when they look at historic photos of the Hawkeye team. "America Needs Farmers" is what the ANF stood for and it was meant to support struggling farmers. Even in 2011, they continue to have special America Needs Farmers days where farmers are invited and paid tribute to. It makes sense when you think of Iowa as the corn and soybean farming capital of America.


Kayak Fishing in New Jersey


To most outsiders New Jersey is best known for its busy highways, less than scenic views from the turnpike, and as the home of HBO's hit series the Sopranos. However, those of us who live and kayak fish in the Garden state know better. The truth is that New Jersey offers a wide variety of both fresh and salt water fishing opportunities for kayak anglers.

Have Kayak, will Travel

The good news is that if you plan on kayak fishing in NJ you will not have to travel very far. In fact, you can drive from the top of NJ to the bottom in less than 3 hours making day trips very easy to plan. There are also many campsites, bed & breakfasts, and hotels throughout the state if you want to get away for the weekend or longer.

Northern Region

The northern part of the NJ is dotted with fresh water lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and streams that hold many popular fresh water game-fish and pan fish including: large mouth bass, small mouth bass, northern pike, muskellunge, pickerel, walleye, hybrid bass, rainbow trout, brown trout, Lake Trout, salmon, common carp, grass carp, channel catfish, bullhead catfish, yellow perch, white perch, white crappie, black crappie, blue gills, sunfish, rock bass, and more. All of these fish species are available within 1 hour drive of New York City and Newark Airport. If your are not sure what bodies of water are open to the public you can visit the NJ Fish and Game website. There you will find a list of places to fish, the state fishing regulations, licensing information, and a wealth of resources about NJ's fisheries.

Although the northern section of NJ is not well known for its saltwater fishery there is one noticeable exception. The NJ Meadowlands offers a relatively easy access to a salt water marsh system that holds a good number of fish species including: striped bass, blue fish, weakfish, winter & summer flounder, and many more. The Meadowlands is also a kayak friendly system complete with launch ramps, good parking facilities, and a River Keeper who is dedicated to protecting this fragile ecosystem from pollution and development. The River Keeper Center also offers guided kayak tours of the ecosystem for a reasonable fee.

Central & Southern Regions

The Central and Southern sections of NJ are also very rich with fresh fishing opportunities which include most of the species available up north. However, the largest draw to the central and southern portions of the state is the access to the salt water bays, beaches, and the open ocean. New Jersey has over 100 miles of beach front, many inlets, and an extensive intracoastal systems of bays, estuaries, salt marshes, and tidal rivers. The top saltwater game-fish in this region include: striped bass, blue fish, weakfish, winter & summer flounder, black fish, sea bass, false albecore, mackerel, porgies, cod, northern kingfish, hickory shad, many species of sharks, and the occasional red or black drum. For those willing to venture out a little farther tuna can also be targeted in season. All of the salt water fishing regulations can be found on the NJ Fish and Game website. NJ does not require a salt water fishing license at this time, but that may change in the near future.


New Jersey is a highly populated state with lots of private property and no trespassing signs, but there is still plenty of public access for kayak anglers to launch safely without breaking any laws. Always be sure to do your homework before launching to avoid unnecessary parking tickets or fines. Launch locations and public access points for NJ can be found online with a little effort. The NJ Fish and Game web site is great place to start. There are also online paddling resources that offer this type of information as well including the Jersey Shore Sea Kayak Association, the Hackensack River Keeper Website, and Kayak Fishing Stuff. Great care should be taken when launching a kayak through the surf zone into the open ocean. If you have never surf launched a kayak before you need to practice in the warm summer months with no additional gear. Once you have become proficient at surf launching you should find a friendly group of kayak anglers to join out on the open water. When kayak fishing in the ocean there is definitely safety in numbers. Note: You can find home videos of kayak surf clinics online and will learn much from others mistakes.


Kayak anglers are required to carry a Personal Flotation Device (PFD), a whistle or sound making device (air-horn), and a signaling mirror. PFDs MUSt be worn by kayakers 14 and under, adults need only have it within reach, but why take chances with your safety. A PFD will only save your life if you are wearing it. Coastal kayak anglers should also carry a VHF Marine Band Radio, a compass, GPS, and possibly a satellite location device. It is also a very good idea for all kayakers to leave a float plan with a friend or family member. A responsible kayak angler should take every precaution to avoid becoming a statistic! When kayak fishing during the cold water periods of Spring, late fall, and winter it is very important to be wearing protective clothing in the event that you fall off of your kayak and into the water. Dry suits are the best option. Wetsuits will suffice, but will not be as comfortable as a good dry suit.

In Conclusion

New Jersey is without a doubt one of the best kayak fishing destinations in the Northeast. Kayak anglers can fish from early spring until late fall for both fresh and salt water species all within a relatively short distance of home. If you live and fish in New Jersey and do not fish from a kayak – get one! It will greatly increase your fishing opportunities, get you closer to the action, and because kayaking is a green activity you will be doing your part to make the world around you a better place.


Hotels in Charleston West Virginia


Charleston is the largest city in the state of West Virginia and the capital. It is located in the historic Kanawha and Elk rivers in West Virginia and boasts a very colorful and rich history that returns all the way since the American Revolution. Charleston is also considered a developing city, as in recent years many institutions and businesses have emerged. The city is much older than many big cities, but it still offers so much. Likewise, Charleston is very good for the many parks that make it grow. Tracks such as Coonskin Park, Cato Park and Kanawha State Forest, Charleston's backyard. Parks include recreation zones, banquets, hiking and biking trails, camping sites and shelters. Overall, Charlotte West Virginia is a wonderful city that can visit for leisure or business.


Traveling to Charleston, whether it's for business or leisure, hotels are the number that you should look at. Finally, you want a place away from home that's home. Charleston hotels are managed exclusively. Be sure that when you go to Charles, you will have a great time. However, it is important that you search for certain attributes and attributes that are kept by hotels for you.


First of all, Charleston hotels boast of their service. The service always comes when it comes to hotels because people always want to experience weakness, friendship and warmth. Charleston Hotel Service relies on all of the way they treat their guests. Additionally, they are also proud of their room service that allows you to enjoy your favorite foods. In addition, room service also serves all the needs and desires of the people.


Facilities are just as important as looking at hotels. Facilities not only refer to the hotel's relaxation service, such as pools and jacuzzis, but also their cozy rooms. Charleston hotels have great design rooms that are equipped with the latest technology, without mentioning a very fast internet service that allows you to work out of your bed.


Of course, when we look at Charleston hotels, you just can not ignore the food. A great deal about food is that it is very diverse. No matter where you visit, you will always find something that may be pleasing to your changing tastes. Hotels in Charleston have exclusive family meal. In a wonderful city in a great hotel, your trip will definitely be expected.


Payroll Iowa, Unique Aspects of Iowa Payroll Law and Practice


The Iowa State Agency that oversees the collection and reporting of State income taxes deducted from payment checks is:

Department of Revenue

Income Tax Division

Hoover State Office Bldg.

PO Box 10457

Des Moines, IA 50306-0457

(515) 281-3114

(800) 367-3388 (in state)

Iowa requires that you use Iowa form "IA W-4, Centralized Employee Registry Reporting Form / Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate" instead of Federal W-4 Form for Iowa State Income Tax Withholding.

Not all states allow salary reductions made under Section 125 cafeteria plans or 401 (k) to be treated in the same manner as the IRS code allows. In Iowa cafeteria plans are not taxable for income tax calculation; taxable for unemployment insurance purposes. 401 (k) plan deferrals are not taxable for income taxes; taxable for unemployment purposes.

In Iowa supplementary wages are taxed at a 6% flat rate.

State W-2s are not applicable in the state of Iowa.

The Iowa State Unemployment Insurance Agency is:

Department of Workforce Development

1000 E. Grand Ave.

Des Moines, IA 50319-0209

(515) 281-5387

The State of Iowa taxable wage base for unemployment purposes is wages up to $ 19,700.00.

Iowa has optional reporting of quarterly wages on magnetic media.

Unemployment records must be retained in Iowa for a minimum period of five years. This information generally includes: name; social security number; dates of hire, rehire and termination; wages by period; pay pay periods and pay dates; date and circumstances of termination.

The Iowa State Agency charged with enforcing the state wage and hour laws is:

Iowa Workforce Development

Labor Services Division

1000 East Grand Ave.

Des Moines, IA 50319-0209

(515) 281-5387

The minimum wage in Iowa is $ 5.15 per hour.

There is also no general provision in Iowa State Law covering paying overtime in a non-FLSA covered employer.

Iowa State new hire reporting requirements are that every employer must report every new hire and rehire; independent contractors over $ 600. The employer must report the federally required elements of:

  • Employee's name
  • Employee's date of birth.
  • Employee's health insurance.
  • Employee's address
  • Start date of contract.
  • Employee's social security number
  • Employer's name
  • Employers address
  • Employer's Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)

This information must be reported within 15 days of the hiring or rehiring.
The information can be sent as a W4 or equivalent by mail, fax or electronically.
There is a penal dispute of court for a late report in Iowa.

The Iowa new hire-reporting agency can be reached at 515-281-533 or on the web at .

Iowa does not allow compulsory direct deposit.

Iowa requires the following information on an employee's pay stub:

  • Gross and Net Earnings
  • straight time and overtime pay
  • hours worked
  • itemized discounts

The State Wage and Hour Law provisions concern pay stub information in Iowa is that it must be provided within 10 days of employee's request, only once a year unless salaries, hours, or discounts are changed.

Iowa requires that employee be paid no less often than monthly, semimonthly, or biweekly.

Iowa requires that the lag time between the end of the pay period and the payment of wages to the employee not exceed twelve days after pay period; excluding Sundays and holidays.

Iowa payroll law requires that involuntarily terminated employees must be paid their final pay by their next regular payday; 30 days for missions and that voluntarily terminated employees must be paid their final pay by the next regular payday; 30 days for decisions or by mail if employee requests it.

There is no provision in Iowa law concerning paying dismissed employees.

Escheat laws in Iowa require that unclaimed wages be paid over to the state after one year.

The employer is further required in Iowa to keep a record of the wages abandoned and turned over to the state for a period of 4 years.

Iowa payroll law mandates no more than 40% of minimum wage may be used as a tip credit.

In the Iowa payroll law there is no provision covering required rest or meal periods.

There is no provision in Iowa law relating record retention of wage and hour records therefor it is probably wise to follow FLSA guidelines.

The Iowa agency charged with enforced Child Support Orders and laws is:

Child Support Recovery Unit

Department of Human Services

Hoover Bldg., 5th Fl.

Des Moines, IA 50319

(515) 242-3237

(888) 229-9223

Iowa has the following provisions for child support discounts:

  • When to start Withholding? 10 days after receipt of order.
  • When to send Payment? Within 7 days of Payday.
  • When to send Termination Notice? "Promptly."
  • Maximum Administrative Fee? $ 2 per payment.
  • Withholding Limits? Federal Rules under CCPA.

Please note that this article is not updated for changes that can and will happen from time to time.


Joseph Bonaparte and The New Jersey Devil


Joseph Bonaparte and The New Jersey Devil:

“Commodore Stephen Decatur was an American naval hero in the early nineteenth century. According to legend, he visited the Hanover Mill Works to inspect his cannonballs being forged. While there, he visited a firing range and sighted a flying creature flapping its wings. He fired a cannonball directly upon it. It had no effect and the creature flew away.

Joseph Bonaparte, the brother of Napoleon Bonaparte and former King of Spain, was reported to have seen the Devil. The incident took place in Bordentown, New Jersey while he was game hunting in the nearby woods.

The infamous Captain Kidd is reputed to have buried treasure in Barnegat Bay. Legend has it he beheaded one of his men to guard forever his buried treasure. Accounts claim the headless pirate and the Jersey Devil became friends and were seen in the evenings walking along the Atlantic and in nearby marshlands.

In Clayton, New Jersey, the Devil was chased by a posse to the edge of a wooded area. The Devil fled into the wood. The posse, afraid to pursue him, halted and declared ‘if you’re the Devil, rattle your chains.’

The Devil’s taste varies. He was seen cavorting at sea with a mermaid in 1870. And he is reputed to have had a ham and egg breakfast with a Republican – Judge French. But the Devil is not known to have specific political leanings.

The Devil’s sightings have covered great geographic distances. – from Bridgeton to Haddonfield in 1859; to the New York border in 1899; and from Gloucester City to Trenton in 1909. Until this time, tales of the Devil were passed by word-of-mouth. However, published police and newspaper accounts during a famous week in January of 1909 took the story of the Devil from folk belief to authentic folk legend. Thirty different sightings in a one-week period told of the Devil sailing across the Delaware River to Maryland, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Newspaper articles created a near panic in the region.

Theory and the Devil

After the 1909 appearances, the scientific community was asked for possible explanations. Reportedly, science professors from Philadelphia and experts from the Smithsonian Institution thought the Devil to be a prehistoric creature from the Jurassic period. Had the creature survived in nearby limestone caves? Was it a pterodactyl or a peleosaurus? New York scientists thought it to be a marsupial carnivore. Was it an extinct fissiped? However, the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia could not locate any record of a living of dead species resembling the Jersey Devil.” (2)

There is a remote ‘possibility’ that the Hapsburgs and Randolphs or other Merovingian sorcerers who live in the upper Chesapeake area have something to do with this Devil. Some of their rituals definitely involve the invocation of Asmodeus or other elementals that some call demons. They also claim to be able to shape-shift but I suspect they are involved in projecting hallucinations or what is called mind-fogging. In any event it is interesting to find Napoleon’s brother living in these parts of America.


Salary in West Virginia, West Virginia, with unique aspects of salary and practice


West Virginia State Agency, which oversees the collection and reporting of state income tax, has been removed from payroll checks.

State Tax Inspection

Capitol Complex, Bldg. Notice type: Request For Proposals 1, W417

Charleston, WV 25305

(304) 558-3333

(800) 982-8297 (state)

Western Virginia allows the use of WV / IT-104, Western Virginia Employer Custody Certification Form, State Income Tax Advance, or W4 federal form, if the state and federal exemption are the same.

All States do not allow salary cuts in Section 125 canteen programs or 401 (k), how to behave as IRS permits. In West Virginia's cafés plans, income tax is taxed for taxable unemployment insurance. 401 (k) The deferral of the plan shall not be subject to income tax. for taxable unemployment purposes.

West Virginia's additional salary is taxed as follows:

Annual salary: from $ 10,000 up to 3.0%

$ 10,000- $ 25,000 4.0%

$ 25,000- $ 40,000 4.5%

$ 40,000- $ 60,000 6.0%

More than 60,000 USD 6.5%

You can send W-2s to the state of Virginia in magnetic media if you choose.

Unemployment Insurance Agency in West Virginia

Staff Bureau

California Ave.

Charleston, WV 23505-0112

(304) 558-2674

The wage base for unemployment benefits in West Virginia is $ 8,000.00.

West Virginia has an additional quarterly salary report in magnetic media.

Unemployment records must be kept in West Virginia for a minimum of four years. This information generally includes: social card; rent dates, rehabilitation and termination. salary period; maturity dates and payment dates; the date and circumstances of the termination.

The West Virginia State Agency, charged with the enforcement of state duty and hourly laws,

Job division

Wage and Time Division

Capitol complex

Building 3, mn. 319

Charleston, WV 25305

(304) 558-7890


West Virginia's minimum wage is $ 5,15.

The West Virginia General Provision is a regular rate of one-and-a-half times after 40 hours on paying the employer's unpaid salary.

Western Virginia's new rental report requirements are that every employer must submit all new rentals and rehire. The employer must submit the required federal elements.

  • Employee Name:
  • salary address:
  • Employee's Address:
  • Employee Social Security Number:
  • Employer Name:
  • Employers apply:
  • Employer's Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)

This information should be submitted within 14 days of the employment or retirement date.

The information may be sent as W4 or equivalent, by mail, fax or electronic way.

There is a $ 25.00 penalty and a remarkable report for the $ 500 Western Virginia conspiracy.

West Virginia New Leasing Reporting Agency can be found at 877-625-4669 or 304-346-9513 or at

West Virginia does not allow a mandatory direct deposit.

West Virginia requires the following information about employee remuneration:

  • material deductions
  • Western Virginia requires that the employee be paid no less often than two weeks.

    In West Virginia, there are no mandatory requirements that occur between the period when the services are performed and when the employee has to be paid.

    The West Virginia Wage Law requires that immediate term employees have to pay their final payment within 3 business days, the next scheduled payment, if suspended after a labor dispute or temporarily halted. Voluntary employees must pay their final fee at regular regular fee or by mail if the employee requests.

    Wages of $ 800 dead workers; 120 days after 1000 dollars death must be paid to the rest of the spouse, adult children, parents, siblings, or person paying the burial fees (in that order).

    Escheat laws in the state of West Virginia require that the state paid one year later be paid to the state.

    In West Virginia, the employer needs to continue to leave his wages and return to the state for a 10-year term.

    The West Virginia salary bill mandates, more than 20% of the minimum wage, can be used as a loan loan.

    Wage laws on compulsory leisure or lunch breaks in West Virginia only those under 16 should have 30 minutes of rest, five hours of work, and the other workers get 20 minutes in 6 hours.

    The West Virginia Code requires that salaries and hourly records should be kept for no less than two years. These posts usually contain at least FLSA required information.

    The West Virginia agency is charged with complying with the Child Support Guidelines and Laws.

    Child Protection Support Bureau:

    Health and Human Resources Department

    Blog 6, Rm. 817

    State Capitol Complex

    Charleston, WV 25321

    (304) 558-4665

    West Virginia has the following provisions for reducing child support.

    • When should it be stopped? After receiving the order within 14 days.
    • When did you pay? Payday.
    • When will a dispatching notice be sent? "Immediately"
    • Maximum administrative fee. Payment is $ 1.
    • Refuse the limits. 40% profit if supported by another spouse or child. 50%, if not; the sum reaches 45% and 55%, if the employee has 12 weeks expired.

    Please note that this article is not updated for any changes that may occur from time to time.


    Human Resources Jobs in New Jersey


    Human Resource jobs in New Jersey, Jobs of such kind are available in plenty around the region, but for people who are interested in Human Resource jobs in New Jersey should know the right place to visit to give them a relevant chance to grab such opportunities. People can apply directly to the companies or else can try applying through any of the Consultancy firms over there, but applying through a consultancy does not come free of cost.

    They take an amount and would work as an agent for you by placing your CV / Resume to the companies'.Following are a list of some of the companies and consultancies in New Jersey who might help you find the right Human Resource jobs in New Jersey.

    Virtual Human Resources Careers Center

    Monster Job Career SHRM HR jobs

    Virtual Human Resource Career Center

    New Jersey human resources jobs made easy by Virtua Human Resource Career Center located 2223 East Evesham Road, Voorhees, NJ 08043, United States They are a consultancy and provide suitable jobs in big and reputed firms there by interested candidate may contact the address given above.

    Monster Job

    One of the largest and famous career websites is Monster Job established in 1994 by Jeff Taylor, has a wide network in 26 countries HR jobs in New Jersey can easily be found by the help of this career site. One of the largest advantages of the career site is, it has an option of free registration scheme for prospective job-seekers alongside paid services.


    Another famous career site is Career Build, one of the most popular job sites in US and was founded in 1994 by Mat Ferguson and is considered to be one of the highest placers in the market. There by people who are interested New Jersey human resource jobs may get in touch with the career site.


    The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), formerly called the American Society for Personnel Administration (ASPA), was founded in 1948. The main motive of the company is to provide professional development opportunities. People interested in HR employment in New Jersey might also consider the following career site an option for them.

    Now people who are interested in Hr employment in New Jersey should keep some very important things in mind before contacting any of the above given Career sites. Firstly they should find out the credentials of the particular career site and also see what the companies the career site is associated with, as most of the career sites charge remuneration for their services.


    Visiting Ortley Beach, New Jersey


    While the New Jersey seashore is not nearly as popular as places like Florida or the Caribbean, the many vacation towns along the beach in NJ collectively play host to millions of visitors every year. One of these summer destinations is an unincorporated area of ​​Toms River which is known as Ortley Beach. It is fronted on the east by the Atlantic Ocean and on the west by Barnegat Bay. Its neighboring communities include Lavallette, to the north, and Seaside Heights, to the south. It is nice place to bring your family or to enjoy the company of a group of friends. If you do want to stay though it is best to rent a house. There is only one hotel in Ortley Beach, although there are many more places to rent a room for the night in nearby Seaside Heights.
    frontier airlines
    What can you expect to find on a visit to Ortley Beach and what can you do for fun once you do arrive? Let’s look at your options.

    The beach is of course the largest draw for most visitors. There are two boardwalks fronting much of the rough mile long public beach. They are divided by a local nightclub and beach bar, the Surf Club. You will need to have a badge to access the beach during the summer. The fees vary depending on the amount of time the badge is valid (daily, weekly or seasonal). The badge fees help pay for the cost of keeping the beaches protected by lifeguards. There are also a few public bathrooms, which is oddly not something that you can easily find along many public beaches in NJ.
    allegiant reservations
    After your day at the beach is done you could go to take part in the loud and raucous Surf Club. The popular nightclub often has live acts or popular DJs. The Surf Club is also open during the day, serving drinks and food from their patio to folks that can walk right up from the beach.
    united airlines reservations
    Another interesting local place to go have some fun is Barnacle Bills Arcade. There is a miniature golf course – with 18 holes of course! There is also an arcade that features, among other things, video games and pinball. Adjacent to the arcade you can also find a snack bar that serves some easy to prepare fare and ice cream.

    Many visitors to Ortley Beach also leave town to go have some fun, with one big destination in mind. This is the boardwalk at Seaside Heights. The boardwalk is as long as the entire Ortley Beach beachfront. You can find rides, games of chance, shops, food and more at Seaside. It is well worth the trip and it is less than a mile away. On Wednesday nights, you can also watch the Seaside Heights fireworks show. You can watch them with the crowd on the Seaside Heights boardwalk or have some more elbow room, with almost as good of a view, from the beach in Ortley.

    The best thing of all, as is the case with many beach vacations, is to just take it easy. There is plenty of this to be had in Ortley Beach too. Hopefully you can have a chance to visit yourself sometime soon.


    New Jersey Criminal Lawyers


    If you have been accused of a crime or think you might be, you should contact a criminal lawyer immediately. No matter how minor the charge, it's always beneficial to contact a criminal lawyer. A criminal lawyer is one who specializes in handling criminal defense cases. The role of a criminal lawyer is to represent anyone who commits a crime in order to prove his or her innocence. A criminal lawyer with substantive experience and expertise in this field can work on strategies to cleverly cross-examine the prosecution witnesses to prove your innocence in the case. And, in case of extreme situations, an expert criminal lawyer can work out negotiations with the prosecution lawyer to arrange for a lesser charger or reduced sentence.

    In order to have a strong defense, it's very important to hire the right lawyer who has expertise and a proven track record in handling the crime of which you are accused. Only an expert lawyer can provide you with a reality check – a knowledgeable, objective perspective on the situation – and make you aware of what is most likely to happen, which can prove vital for the defending in ruling whether to accept defendant's offered bargain .

    Criminal law in United States varies from state to state. Although a basic law code is followed all across US, it does differ a little across the states. For example, in New Jersey, you have a right to a speedy and public trial. Also, you have a right not to be denied unless the State can prove each and every element of the indemnity with which you are charged. If you have encountered a situation where you need to seek the help of a criminal lawyer in New Jersey, it would always be to your advantage to go for a local lawyer practicing there.

    It is unfortunately not always easy to find a good criminal defense lawyer. To find a good lawyer, it is always advisable to go by referrals from someone who is familiar with the law practice. You may wish to sit through some public sessions of court while criminal cases are being argued. If you find a particular lawyer's performance to be impressive, you may take note of the lawyer's name and later contact the lawyer about the possibility of representing you. Each state and some major cities have organizations of criminal defense lawyers who can offer referral services or online directories. You can also browse through the yellow pages or online directories listing defense lawyers to find a good lawyer.


    New Jersey Attractions Worth Seeing


    New Jersey attractions are varied and diverse. Where a visitor may be attracted to a question of what generally interests him or her in the first place. This state is located in the mid-Atlantic portion of the United States of America bordered by the state of New York and on the other side by the Atlantic Ocean. There are many different places that one can visit in order to fully appreciate the state. These include historical sites, fun places and other interesting areas that are considered attractive to people who are visiting the state. There are many to choose from and explore during one's stay in the state. It is best to do some research first and find out what can be interesting here.

    Historical Places

    Not many people know this but the state has a lot of history to boast about. Some of the historical attractions here include parks, lighthouses, museums and entire or partial villages, which have a lot of history in them. The state is, after all, known as the Crossroads of the American Revolution. Notable lighthouses include, but are not limited to, the Absecon Lighthouse, Barnegat Lighthouse and the Cape May Lighthouse. The first one is the tallest one in the state while the others also have a rich historical contribution to the area. Some of the parks here house the different areas where battles were gone and won as well as residences and offices of people who are a part of the American history. Some of the residents of the state also stage battle battles during crucible seasons to reenact the real battles that their forefathers thought. The New Jersey battleship has an arsenal of artifacts and historical items that can make one appreciate the valor and courage of the American people.


    For the amusement and entertainment of members of the family, New Jersey offers attractions for both children and adults. There are numerous beaches to enjoy as well as several casinos in the area where adults can have their fill of thrill and fun. Ocean City is noted for having miles of beautiful beaches and a variety of things to do in and out of the water. There are many different places to shop and choose souvenirs from as well as eat and enjoy the local fare. Children and adults alike will also enjoy Six Flags Great Adventure and Wild Safari, which have different rides and entertainment fare for people of all ages. It is supposed to be the largest theme park in the United States of America. It offers a total of three parks and a couple of hundred thrilling rides. A wild safari drive through is also another thing that may attract people to Six Flags. Atlantic City is well known for its casino offerings that can captivate and enthrall adults for days. There are numerous popular casinos here that one can visit and try one's luck. Apart from the casinos, Atlantic City also has the boardwalk, which can be entertaining for those who do not wish to try their luck at the casinos.