State Labor Laws in West Virginia:

West Virginia is a very common state located in the US Appalachian and Mid-Atlantic regions. It is surrounded by Virginia, south-east, western, south-west from Ohio, north-west and north-east from Pennsylvania and Maryland. The working conditions of this condition are very favorable.

Some of the state labor laws used in West Virginia include:

1. Labor law poster;

Under the Labor Code, each owner is obligated to deploy the Labor Code of the West Virginia for compulsory workers so that employees can know their rights. They must publish accurate posters which must include notifications of minimum wages, health and safety, minimum wages, unemployment insurance, and employee right.

2. Renting

Under Federal law, the employer can not establish hired workers on age, color, faith, origin, registration, disability, marital status, nationality, race, gender, or other grounds. There should be equal treatment for everyone.

3. A wish to make

Employees in West Virginia may suspend for any reason as long as this is unlawful. The law applies to the contract and will therefore have to comply with the contract. If you do not follow the agreement, just follow this rule.

4. Workplace Injury:

The owner is responsible for the injury to the workplace. If the worker dies, those under his care can also benefit from the benefits.

5. Workplace safety

According to federal and state law, the employer is responsible for providing the employee with the best working conditions. Each owner is obligated to comply with the health and safety standards, rules, regulations and instructions of labor force according to laws. If you do not provide the best working conditions, you will be interrogated by the employee.

6. Pressures

If you are found guilty of any accusation you will be punished very badly. This is done by law so that women are well protected in all companies.

7. Minimum salary

Each employer pays a minimum of $ 7.25 per employee. An employer can make a 90-day tuition fee of 5,15 USD for persons under the age of 20 when the specific conditions are met.

Well, hopefully, you now have a good idea about important state labor laws.

Protection Orders in Iowa

In cases of domestic violence, it is not uncommon for alleged victims to seek some form of restraining order against their alleged offenders. The state of Iowa has two different types of orders of protection, protective orders and no-contact orders.

There also different varieties of these two kinds of orders, and the length of time they are effective can vary. No-contact orders and protective orders stem from incidents of alleged domestic abuse, which is defined under Iowa Code §236.2 as any of the following kinds of assault:

  • between family or household members who resided together at the time of the alleged assault
  • between separated spouses or persons divorced from each other and not residing together at the time of the alleged assault
  • between persons who are parents of the same minor child, regardless of whether they have been married or have lived together at any time
  • between persons who have been family or household members residing together within the past year and are not residing together at the time of the alleged assault
  • between persons who are in an intimate relationship or have been in an intimate relationship and have had contact within the past year of the alleged assault

When the court is determining whether or not there was an intimate relationship, it may consider such factors as the duration of the relationship, the frequency of interaction, whether the relationship has been terminated, and the nature of the relationship as characterized by either party’s expectation of sexual or romantic involvement. The major difference between protective orders and no-contact orders is the type of court in which each is issued.

Protective orders are issued in civil courts and do not require the alleged offender to have been arrested. There are essentially three kinds of protective orders:

  • Emergency Order – If the court is closed for the day or weekend, an alleged victim can file a petition to seek an emergency relief. An emergency order lasts 72 hours, after which time an alleged victim can seek a temporary order.
  • Temporary Order – Alleged victims typically file for temporary orders at the same time they apply for permanent orders, and temporary orders will last until there is a hearing for the permanent order. A judge may award temporary custody or visitation in a temporary order.
  • Permanent Order – Following a hearing at which both the alleged victim and alleged offender will have the opportunity to get lawyers and present evidence and their sides of the story, a judge may issue a permanent order that will last up to one year. A judge may order the alleged offender to leave any shared living space, stay away from the alleged victim’s home and place of employment, surrender his or her firearms, weapons, and ammunition, and pay any attorney fees as well as child and spousal support. The judge can also order either or both the alleged offender and alleged victim to attend counseling.

No-contact orders, on the other hand, are issued in cases involving criminal charges. An alleged victim does not have to file for a no-contact order, as this may be sought by prosecutors during an alleged offender’s first court appearance. There are two forms of no-contact orders, depending on the stage of the criminal case:

  • Temporary No-Contact Order – A judge will issue a temporary no-contact order when an alleged offender is taken into custody for a crime of domestic violence and the judge finds there is probable cause to believe that the alleged offender committed the crime of domestic violence or violated a previous protective order, no-contact order, or consent agreement, and any contact with the alleged victim poses a threat to his or her safety. A temporary no-contact order stays in effect until it is modified or terminated by subsequent court action.
  • Permanent No-Contact Order – The court can either modify, terminate, or order the continuance of a temporary no-contact order if the alleged offender is convicted of a domestic violence offense. The court can enter a no-contact order or continue a no-contact order already in effect for a period of five years from the date the judgment is entered or the deferred judgment is granted, regardless of whether the defendant is placed on probation.

Regardless of whether the alleged offender agrees with the court’s decision to issue a protective order or no-contact order, he or she must comply with the directives contained in it. Any violation of its terms-even something as seemingly harmless as a phone call-can result in immediate arrests and many possible additional penalties.

Child Custody Disputes in New Jersey

The first thing you should understand about child custody when going through a divorce in New Jersey is that "physical" and "legal" custody are not equivalent. Legal Custody refers to which parent makes important decisions about the child's health, education, and welfare. Physical Custody refers to the child's primary residence. These two types of custody can be thought of in four categories explained as follows:

Shared Physical Custody

The child lives with each parent for an approximately equal amount of time on a rotating basis.

Joint Physical Custody

The child lives with one parent most of the time, but the other parent has parenting time.

Joint Legal Custody

Both parents consult with each other to make important decisions on behalf of the child, and both have access to the child's personal records.

Sole Legal Custody

One parent is authorized to make important decisions on behalf of the child, and the other parent must be communicated, but the parent with sole legal custodian has the final word.

Without there is a real problem with one parent's ability to parent or without the parties can not work together for the benefit of their child, courts favor joint legal custody.

According to Karen Meislik, a custody and visitation attorney in New Jersey, "in most instances, parents are given joint legal custody of their children."

Court look at many aspects of a family's relationship when asked to determine custody. They may consider what the child, if of sufficient age, has to say, and may look at the parents' medical records, criminal records (if any), job histories, and similar items. However, according to the family law firm of Meislik & Levavy (, your chances of obtaining sole custody of your child are improved if you can show that you were the primary caregiver before and during the separation.

Proving that you were the primary caregiver

Which of the following statements are true, and can not be said of the other parent?

● I arranged for daycare / babysitters

● I fixed breakfast for my child each day

● I took my child to doctor's appointments

● I supervised my child most of the time

● I stayed at home from work when my child missed school

● I reviewed school report cards and helped with my child's homework

● I disciplined my child in a responsible way

● I toilet trained my child

● I put my child to bed each night and / or woke my child each morning

● I attended parent – teacher conferences

● I took my child shopping for clothes and school supplies

Above all, the Court will assess the best interest of your child before any customs determination is made.

These, along with any other parental responsibilities you can prove, will help your visitation attorney obtain custody of your child for you.

Mountains of the University of West Virginia

The mountaineers of the University of West Virginia bring their nickname from a mountainous terrain in Morgantown, WV, where the College College is located. Established in 1867, the school with about 30,000 students has a proud sports tradition with men and women and men who read the mountaineers.

The term "mountaineer" in 1890 The University of West Virginia (usually reduced to WVU) became a talisman. Every year students compete for shooting talisman at home and on sporting events. Although the training process, which includes the minimum GPA requirement, essays, interviews, and live-to-face testing, may be extremely extreme, the award is a scholarship and the best place for awarding unfamiliar people to the process. the home (s) for each sporting event. There are more rewards for students than a few students, rather than experiencing an experience of trustworthiness.

The history of the West Virginia region begins in 1862. The congressional transition from the Morril Land Grant Act, which has opened a way for many state universities that play a major role today in America, is likely to be the most enviable higher education system in the world. The Morrill Act is granting grants to some federal states, understanding that landowners will build colleges in those locations or sell land to build state-owned authoritative universities elsewhere. The Morrill Act, directly responsible for the creation of WVU and many other public colleges, played a major role in the formation of the American landscape.

Today, the mountaineers of the University of West Virginia compete in the Greater East conference, which includes 16 full-school and one associate school. Interestingly, the association is associated with the 2006 school year. In January, with the team of women's Lakers of Women's Loyalty Program in Maryland (located in Baltimore). Pittsburgh University is the largest in the University of West Virginia's skiing competition since football and basketball programs have a history of intense competition with the 75-mile neighbors in the north.

For many mountaineers of the University of West Virginia, their favorite school tradition is to look closely at the long tradition of singing in a precise harmony prepared by John Denver in 1971. Listening to the classic music of the country, Take Me Home, Country Roads is enough to bring back most Western Virginia fans back to the time when they scattered the stadium after home soccer matches and sang along with the West Virginia hymn, 60,000 other fans and together with the victorious football team.

Regardless of which memories and traditions are most common to almost every mountaineer from every University of West Virginia, who has a good opportunity to spend some time at school, may agree that the time spent at the university has affected their lives.

Iowa Expungement 101

Under Iowa law, you can expunge, or erase, three types of criminal records:

1. Possession of Alcohol Under the Legal Age (PAULA), which are also referred to as Minor In Possession convictions (ie, MIP ), may be erased in accordance with Iowa Code 123.47, as long as 2 years have actually passed from the time of conviction and you received no new citations (not including simple moving vehicle offenses) during the course of the same two year time span. In most cases, it is high school students and university undergraduates that receive such convictions and need to get them expunged before they send resumes for jobs, summer internships, higher education, or professional degrees. In today's competitive market, even a minor misdemeanor record might be a serious hindrance.

2. Public Intoxication – which describes drinking alcohol in public, being indoctoxicated in the open, or merly pretending to be inxicated in public– could be removed pursuant to Iowa Statute 123.46 as long as 2 years have passed since the judgment of conviction and you received no other criminal convictions (not taking into account minor motor vehicle infractions) through that same 2 year time (these are the exact same conditions for removing a PAULA in Iowa). You may receive a public toxication citation regardless of age. Consequently, many adults who may have plead guilty to a public intoxication charge while tailgating or at a wedding party, for instance, wisely do what's necessary to expunge the record before it affects their employment, credit rating, or even references.

3. Deferred Judgments are a form of judicial leniency that can apply to a broad range of criminal violations that are generally minor in nature. In the usual deferred sentence situation, a charged individual pleads guilty to the citation, but the judge defers, or waits before entering, the guilty plea and orders probation instead. Granted that all the conditions of probation are properly performed, then the record can be sealed off from the public record.

The Iowa Expungement Process : The process for expunging Iowa criminal records is reasonably simple, and can be summarized in three basic steps.

First , is the drafting of a legal document called the petition , or application to the judge, seeking expungement. The petition needs to contain the relevant facts along with the proper Iowa code sections relating to your case.

Second , after the petition or application has been properly drafted, it must be filed with the correct courthouse (each of Iowa's ninety-nine counties has its own court building) and served to the appropriate prosecution attorney's address.

Finally , if you complete the correct filings and satisfy the expungement prerequisites, the judge rules on your petition and will regularly grant the expungement with no a hearing by docking an an order necessitating that the court clerk and necessary state agencies expunge or seal the case history.

You have a right to either handle your own expungement or hire a lawyer. The decision is up to you. Commonly, the more intricate the legal matter, the more you require a lawyer. Fortunately, expungements in Iowa are often relatively simple, in other words, if you meet the requirements for expungement under Iowa code, the judge must grant your petition. All you need to get the expungement is to file the correct legal filings with clerk of court and send them to the correct parties. With the right resources, many people are able to successfully file their own expunements in Iowa at a fraction of the cost of hiring an attorney.

Rent a Limousine in New Jersey

If you are interested in nature and would love to have an outdoor adventure in New Jersey, Cape May is one great place to go. There is no better way to do that than to book a limousine for your outdoor adventure in Cape May, New Jersey. You would not want to be driving and then trying out the outdoor activities around Cape May, only to find that you will have to get back into your car once again and drive to your next destination, would you? You will end up having a very tiring trip instead of one that you can enjoy, not forgetting sore, aching legs and sometimes even backaches that you may have after the trip.

Booking a limousine for you and your friends for a trip to Cape May, New Jersey is not a difficult thing to do. When you hire a limousine for your trip, you do not have to have a dispute among your friends as to who will be doing all the driving. The chances of you getting lost do not exist and you will not have to lose your patience over a bad traffic when you book a limousine. You and your limousine friends only need to show up at the meeting point for the limousine driver to pick you up and take you to all the places that you wish to visit.

It is a general idea that many people come to Cape May for their vacation at the sandy beaches, but do not be fooled, as Cape May is not just a beach resort. You and your limousine friends may be surprised to know that it is the second largest fishing port on the Atlantic Ocean, and is also one of the most famous birding destinations in the United States. Thanks to its wealth of Victorian architecture, the whole city of Cape May has the distinction of being a National Historic Landmark. In the spring, this place is filled with garden and music festivals, and migrating birds. Summertime is a prime time for Cape May beaches, when the restaurants and shops are open late and free concerts are going on every night. And during Fall, it is an especially wonderful time because it is when migrating birds, such as shorebirds, hawks and tiny songbirds heading towards South America will all pass through Cape May.

If you and your limousine friends want to try to get a bird's eye view of beautiful beachfront, sea life and shore towns, parasailing is one activity that you should not miss. Parasailing is a combination of parachuting, ballooning, sailing and gliding. And the best thing is that you do not even need experience to enjoy this activity. Dining in Cape May is not an issue at all as they have many great spots that you can hang out for food and drinks. If you are not sure which restaurant to pick, how about asking your limousine driver to make some suggestions?

When the day is over and you and your limousine friends finally climb back into the limousine to go home, there is no need for you to debt on who will be driving, because you already have the limousine driver to fill up that position.

West Virginia, a great place to hang your hat and visit as well

The United States is a truly amazing country because there are all kinds of people, diversity of people, culture and decoration in every way, how lucky we are. Recently, someone has contacted me from West Virginia, and I could not help but let the famous song run on my head. John Denver's "Home Home Roads".

The mountains of West Virginia are amazing, I've been to every city in the country, and I can not say how many times I was on the way out of the East, taking a long haul route and often got more than I'm selling, but I love the adventures exactly the same. I often wanted to stay longer. I do not know the paths anywhere, I do not know where they have gone, but I have the desire to pick up, go and study, it seems as if the road is calling me.

Well, I think if I was a car trainer instead of Honda Goldwing, I could just have it. One day, I want to do it (of course, spring or summer), just take one of these ways just to see where it goes, such a curiosity if you were in the same place. Perhaps you have the opportunity and dance with your fate. Yes, the way to that old house, John Denver was right, captured the essence. You see, if you see what I see, you also agree.

Yes, that old road, where it goes on the Earth, someone knows it. The life of a Virginia state is straightforward, and resources are abundant. I want everyone to take one of these ways, spend a year and see all that. "Take me home, the way of the country", well, for me, in more countries I do it than just V. Virginia, and I had the same feeling in Montana, Wyoming in New Mexico, California, Nevada, Idaho, Colorado, Arizona and New England. It's amazing how beautiful we live in.

Nevertheless, Virginia is so beautiful, so mysterious, so inviting, so interesting that it's just amazing. Yes, sometimes the weather is fraternal, but when it's a simple day, it's so beautiful. Many people in the city can never see it, but they must. They really need it. Maybe you will consider visiting Virginia to meet some people, and I'm convinced that you also understand.

Charter Your Way to the Iowa State Fair

The Iowa State Fair is the single largest event in the state and one of the oldest and largest agricultural expos in the country. It attracts a million people each year to the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines and has fun activities for everyone in the family to enjoy.

The fun starts each year with a parade featuring over two hundred floats, plenty of animals, marching bands and street performers that kick off the festivals.

Perhaps you have been to the Iowa State Fair many times, or maybe this is your first experience but if you do not live in Iowa, you need to get there somehow, and this is where chartering a jet comes in to play.

Chartering a jet for business or pleasure is easier than you think and allows you to avoid the long lines at security, go on your own time and avoid all of the problems that can be associated with flying commercial.

Renting a plane gives you plenty of room to move around, as most jets have seating that can be rearranged depending on your needs. It means you can take your luggage with you and know it will be there when you land and it gives you flexibility with your schedule to boot.

As always, the Iowa State Fair has plenty to see and do, including agricultural buildings, food, a midway and big name acts that perform through the fair's run. You will not want to miss the world famous Butter Cow, sculpted out of 600lbs of Iowa's finest low moisture pure cream butter, something that has been an annual tradition at the fair since 1911. The fair also has a membership sculpture each year, honoring something significant also made entirely of butter. The agricultural building is always teeming with produce, flowers and other state fair fare all to be enjoyed each and every year.

Also on hand at the Iowa State Fair are chainsaw artists, sand sculptors, a petting zoo, strolling one man bands, and the State Fair Museum where you can check out all things from fairs past and present. Other attractions include Horse Haven, the Sheep Stop, Pig Place and a Milking Parlor where you can learn about and try your hand at milking a cow.

The Iowa State Fair is a staple in the state and has been included on many lists of things to do before you die as well. Why not make this Fair the best yet and charter a jet to get you there in style?

A Look at the New Jersey Superior Court – Family Part/Divorce Court Process in Hudson County

As a Divorce attorney in New Jersey, I have seen many things happen in the courtroom and around the courthouse. Sometimes the court is so civilized and orderly, other times, it seems like the Jerry Springer Show is taping live in the courtroom. This article focuses on the Hudson County Vicinage located at 595 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ.

Divorce Cases in Hudson County, New Jersey

While each county’s court must abide to the New Jersey rules of court, each county has its own approach. Today’s article focuses on the Hudson County Family Court.

The Presiding Judge of the family part is Judge Maureen Sogluizzo. Judge Sogluizzo manages the family part bench and also manages a heavy matrimonial/divorce case load. The Judge is impartial and does not tolerate parental alienation and she has a great respect for people in the Armed Forces. Through her leadership, one very important program during the divorce litigation is the expansion of the Early Settlement Panel which gives people who have lawyers a great chance to settle their cases without going through the expense and stress of a trial.

Judge Daniel D’Alessandro

The next Judge, Judge D’Alessandro is a life-long Jersey City and Hudson County resident. He owned his own law practice on Kennedy Blvd in Jersey City, NJ for many years before being appointed a Superior Court Judge in the Hudson Vicinage. Judge D’Alessandro is a very calm judge that rarely if ever raises his voice and is someone who takes his time in making decisions. The Judge focuses his calendar primarily on divorce cases, child custody and post-divorce motions

Judge Maureen Mantineo

Judge Mantineo is the former presiding judge of the family division until she left to work on civil cases for a brief period. She is warmly welcomed back by the bench and the bar. Judge Mantineo is someone that is focused, works very hard and is easily liked and will like you if you are truthful. Judge Mantineo values the relationship between both mother and child and father and child despite the issues the parents may be having.

Quick Synopsis of Timeline for Contested Divorces in New Jersey

  • Divorce is filed and served on the opposing party
  • The opposing party files an answer or appearance
  • A Case Management Conference is conducted where the attorneys lay out the disputed issues to the judge and the amount of time they need to conduct what is called discovery.
  • Discovery Begins- Each side has the right to request information from the other party depending on the issues in dispute. Examples of items requested or demanded are: bank statements, tax returns, retirement asset statements, debt statements, employment records, loan documents and beyond.
  • Once discovery ends or is close to over, the parties attend the Early Settlement Panel (ESP) at the local Superior Courthouse where each side submits their positions to panelists who will render a non-binding opinion of the case and how it should settle.
  • After the ESP, the parties go before the Judge and explain if the matter is settled and if not, they must choose an economic mediator to try and settle it there one last time. A trial date may be given at this post ESP conference.
  • If the parties do not settle all issues, the issues that remain will be tried before the Judge to decide. Family Court trials are trials by Judge not by Jury.
  • Decision is rendered. The parties have 45 days to appeal.

Escape the Corner, West Virginia – Restaurant review

Pax, West Virginia, formerly known as Kelly Corner's home, is a family-owned dish that serves some excellent land-based dishes. You do not want to find a menu or daily special. What you'll find: hot dogs, hamburgers, an open sliced ​​sweets and fried sandwiches and club sandwiches made with TLC are usually accompanied by crisp, hot-frozen French potatoes or homemade sauce with potatoes.

Breakfast is my favorite food in Kelly. Perfect cooked eggs, crisp bacon, toast or biscuits (here are no saws) and coffee vapor cups. Of course, it's all after the "brave morning." In addition, there may be cookies or French toasts, all made from biscuits. And do not forget to cover the sausage coffee with these biscuits (if you go there before my family eats).

Perhaps the best thing about the corner is the people who eat there and the people who stand there. Most locals eat here and because Pax is relatively small, everyone knows about everyone. I like sitting, enjoying coffee and listening to farmers, crops, talking about a great reunion (Pax is reuniting for Pax High School graduates over the course of two years, and I'm telling you we're talking more than three thousand people about a city with a population of about 200 or a state), is always an interesting topic in West Virginia.

So, if you find yourself driving to I-77 in western Virginia, look for Pax exit and enjoy the dinner at The Corner. You can wait a minute or two for tables, busy for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but you'll be happy.