How to Locate Deadbeat Dads and Moms in the USA


My fascination in finding people using the web goes back over 10 years ago when I was trying to find my ex-husband who had skipped out on his court ordered child support and become one of those deadbeat dads. During this time period he had been on the run for years already. Deadbeat dads and moms are everywhere in the USA and our government organizations are so under staffed and overwhelmed we can count on them for little help in searching for these deadbeat dads and moms much less in helping to collect our children's support monies.

Child Support Enforcement America's Shame

My deadbeat dad's case had been turned over to the County Child Support Enforcement agency, abruptheless in the 15 years they managed my case they managed to collect very little for my kids. I had learned early on that the only time they actively pursued these deadbeat dads cases is when the custodial parent was collecting State Aid for Needy Families and that's one road I always tried to stay away from. How preposterous is that anyway ?! They will pursue these deadbeat dads if the custodial parent and children are forced to collect state aid but in collecting any monies owed it would all be given back to the state to repay what they had given the family. So the kids basically are living at a substandard level of living on State Aid as the custodial parent fights to make ends meet.

After 22 years, my 2 kids are now grown and my daughter has 3 kids of her own. Yet their deadbeat dad has "prided himself" on getting over on the system all these years. He labored under the table, had his family cover for him, all the techniques that these deadbeat dads or moms use to get out of legal responsibility.

I was surprised to recently get a letter from the State of Iowa, his home state, informing me that my case here in Colorado had been turned over to them. I have not had any exchange with my local Child Support Enforcement agency in years. They never really did a thing to help my youngsters or me. So now here's a letter from Child Support Enforcement in Iowa that they have located him and I am in line to receive money!

Attempting to be aware of what was happening I called CSE in Iowa only to hear that yes, they located him, but as far as collecting money, that had not happened and they had no idea when, or if, it would! An added major upset for me from Child Support Enforcement.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and used an on the internet People Search service which costs a small payment and searched for him by his Social Security number. Within minutes I had the information in my hands that Child Support Enforcement had not been able to find in 22 years. Having found his place of employment and assets owned I now had the details needed to go to court and obtain a conviction against him and his properties.

I know there are thousands, if not millions, of kids in this country who suffer because of these deadbeat dads and deadbeat moms who run out on their ethical and legal responsibilities. When home PCs became widespread my curiosity in locating my deadbeat dad started to expand. At that time these kinds of People Search engines were not yet offered and how it would have assisted me to have had the access then that we all have in the present day!

This People Search engine makes it possible for a number of different kinds of searches. By filling out the fields in the search box on the search engine you'll be given free access to anyone's location, deadbeat dads & moms included. Usually every other people search company out there, like Intellius and US Search, charge you $ 20 to $ 30 for these same kind of free results.

If you need to do a more comprehensive search on deadbeat dads or moms then for a small cost you can also search by social security number, you can do background checks, search for email addresses, search by phone number, reverse phone search, criminal records checks and more.

It's just astounding what you can find on the internet. You can even locate anyone on the popular Social Network sites like Facebook. I would still have paid the small fee years ago if this choice had been there for me and it would have meant that my kids would have had lives that were so much better than what they had.

So when it's deadbeat dads, deadbeat moms you want to find or would just like to find a lost acquaintance, old boyfriend or girlfriend, old school pal, distant family member this Search Engine can help you.


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