February 18, 2013 NFL Caricature Project


1) Kansas City Chiefs: OT Luke Joeckel, Texas A & M Andy Reid saw last season when things are happening when you have a lot of problems. Joeckel is one of the first-ever elections this year. He will raise Branden Albert's (free agent) transformation and can for decades promote the offense line of Kansas City. The chiefs should be a qualified quarterback, but there is no slam-dunk choice to justify the best choice.

2) Jacksonville Jaguars: De Deathon Mour, one of the most corrupted players in Texas A & M- SEC, helps Jacksonson to put pressure on the quartet. Last year Jags registered 20 sacks. Gus Bradley is a defensive midfielder and will have the priority to defend his defense.

3) Oakland Raiders: DT Star Lotulelei, Utah – The Silver & Black were black and blue, in contrast to the runners in 2012, Shake them all. Utah's Nose Collection / Defense Solution Capacity and Skills Have a Help Center: # 39; the defense line.

4) Philadelphia Eagles: OT Eric Fisher, Central Michigan-Chip Kelly, knows that his high octane attack is now going on if Eagles can not ban anyone. Fisher sees a great chef. The increase in Fisher and Jason Peters's return to health will be a long way to address Philadelphia's problems. Fisher can play on the left or right and it will depend on how Peters looks after Achilles's injury.

5) Detroit Lions. De Boerer Valleys, Florida, Lions want to be a defensive line of defense and alone. Kyle Vanden Bosch is 34 years old and Werner provides Detroit with a young, high-end defense end.

6) Cleveland Browns: DE / OLB Jarvis Jones, Georgia – The Browns is absent, and after a rapid deviation, Jones can really quit the quarter-end. Cleveland must have a dynamic outer line so that they have 3-4 defenses. Jones could be for such a player.

7) Arizona Cardinals. QB Geno Smith, West Virginia – Quarterback is the biggest need in Arizona. Bruce Arianes had success with the Indian mayor (Andrew Luck) and was looking for the same cards. For Geno Smith and Matt Barkley and Mike Gennon, she has a choice of strong hand and high performance.

8) Buffalo Bills: QB Mike Glennon, North Carolina – Ryan Fitzpatrick performs a lot of turns and does not buffoon and a long-term response to a quarterback. The Glendon will require a strong force on the cold and wind that competed in the 2nd half of the Buffalo.

9) New York Jets: DE / OLB Barkevious Mingo, LSU-Rex Ryan loves his defense, which does not have a great pass on rusher. Mingo is a terrific athlete and Ryan Figures, who can make it into the New York 3-4 scheme out of deviation.

10) Titanium titanium; OG Chance Warmack, Alabama – This might be a great thing to do with the guards, but Mike Sangak does not think his Stalin NFL career is. Titans want to run the ball, and the Warmer must be terrified.

11) San Diego Chargers – Olan Lynne Johnson, Oklahoma – The chargers should do better work in the protection of the Philippine rivers. Athletic Johnson has the ability to play left flank and develops a good protector.

12) Miami dolphins. WR Cordarrelle Patterson, Tennessee – Dolphins have to find a good lead for Ryan Tannehill. Patterson's size and running can convince Miami that he can be the player.

13) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: CB Dee Milliner, Alabama – The Bucs were the worst teams in the NFL to defend passes and undoubtedly can help in the corner. Milliner is a very talented corner with a group of championships.

14) Caroline Panders: D.T. Sharf Floyd, Florida's defensive position remains a weak spot for Caroline. Floyd is a great combination of elegance and size. Pansse expects that she will be able to stop running and apply pressure inside the penetration.

15) The Saints of New Orleans. De De Dieta Ansah, Bi – Saints should be better protected and it begins on the front. Ansah can protect the run and have a terrible opponent as a passer-by actor. Rob Ryan has a very raw but talented player.

16) St. Louis Rams. D.T. Sheldon Richardson, Missouri – Jeff Fischer is head coach and wants to have a dominant 4th front. Richardson is very fast and should work well in the previous year and in the first round with Michael Brookers.

Pittsburgh Steelers: DE / OLB Dion Jordan, Oregon – LaMarr Woodley and James Harrison are at their bottom line. It's time for the next generation of Steelers to rush away. The Jordan can really run and has an unusually high level of profitability. He will have the opportunity to continue with Pittsburgh. s storied tradition of quality out of linear backers.

18) Dalas Cowboys: DT Kawann Short, Purdue- The Cowboys are transformed into the Monte Kiffen & s 4-3 protection. This means that they will have a better defense technique for the three best techniques. The shorter takes a quick step and penetrates to penetrate.

19) New York Giants. CB Xavier Rhodes, Florida State: The Giants is the Best Corner, Corey Webster, 31 and goes out of the poor season. Rhodes has excellent size and skill. New York adds much needed angular assistance.

20) Chicago Bears. Thierry Eifert, Notre Dame-Master Tantman wants another weapon for Jay Cutler. The Bears Do not Have Most of the Receiving Threat. Eifert significantly raises the attack on the bears.

21) Cincinnati Bengals: S Kenny Vaccaro, Texas – Cincinnati must be a safe player. Vaccaro is a hard disk and can help with the transitions.

22) St. Louis Rams. WR Keenan Allen, Cal-The Rams has found a key weapon for Sam Bradford. Allen has dimensions and passes skills that Bradford is missing.

23) Minnesota Vikings: DT Jonathan Hanks, Kevin Williams of Ohio, will be ahead of the upcoming season. Hankins gives Vikes a great defense tactic that can help shut down the run.

24) Indianapolis Colts: OT DJ Fluker, Alabama-Andrew Luke has made many fun strikes at his peak. Fluker could have been the right column for Colts. His ability as a barrier block also makes a lot of quartets.

25) Seattle Sacrobe. De Soph Montgomery, LSU – Pitterol is a defensive oriented coach. Seattle really missed Chris Clamons in the Palkone's playlist. Clamson is 31 years old and is facing a long-term recovery of knee surgery. Montgomery has fast and long hands so as not to hurry. He is also a strong defender.

26) Green Bay Packers. Jonathan Cooper, North Carolina – Aaron Rogers is the NFL's best coach. The Packers must reinforce the disconnected line, which has recently caused a lot of leakage. Cooper is a tough hole and runs a block. At this stage, it is a good value in the first round.

27) Houston Texans: WR Tavon Austin, West Virginia- The Texans are still incredibly dependent on Andre Johnson's wide receiver. Ostin was born to the orchestra. Its inadequacy in the open field is electric.

28) Denver Brontsos: Kessab Desmond Trulyfant, Washington – Schptel Bailey will soon be 35 and will exhibit a cartoon with Toree Smith in the games. Trufant has donated money to play a great deal. Denver gives good protection to the younger generation.

29) New England Patriots: Central Bank of the United States of America – Johnston Banks, Mississippi Province – New England & # 39; s defense continues to work. Banks have good height and great ideas. Banks can provide victims, Rais Dowling, and failed.

30) Atlanta Falcons. De Alex Ocooper, Texas – John Abraham will soon become 35 and often suffer. Okafor plays very hard and is a complete defensive ending. He does not have the same explosion as a young Abraham, but he plays with levers and intensity.

31) San Francisco 49ers: NT John Jenkins, Georgia – 49ers have a certain age on the defensive line. Isaac Sopoaga will leave for his tenth season in autumn. Big nose will become an unlimited free agent, and San Francisco may choose a young nose. Jenkins is a great man with amazing sports skills. Jim Harbaugh will play hard to help him maximize his talents.

32) Baltimore Ravens: ILB Manti Te & # 39; O, the era of the Notre Dame-Ray Lewis is over. The Ravens will not be able to replace Lewis, but Te is a strong choice. The previous star of Notre Dame is football and improves coverage during its senior season. Baltimore is delighted that Te` & It's so far away in the first round.


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