2008 Elite 11 National Quarter Unique Camp:


I was the former Quarterback, the 8th round at Buffalo and I wanted to talk about future NFL QB & # 39; who currently are high school stars.

2008 After the twelfth regional experience QB camps, this list was cut off. The Quarterbacks of this 12 high school are the harvesting cream, and everyone will be the main soccer college programs.

On the invitation only camp will be taught Quarterback Passing Drills, QB Footwork Drills Quarterback accuracy games.

At night, they organize film classes and teach how to read defense holes. At the end of the 3-day camp they will pass the QB cross-border competition, seeing who is the best.

EA Sports 2008 Elite 11th Fourth Camp Restaurant

# 1 Brin Renner, 6-3, 192: Signed with North Carolina

# 2 Tom Savage, 6-4, 219: Signed with Rutgers

# 3 Taj Boyd, 6-0, 205: was signed in West Virginia

# 4 Aaron Murray: 6-1 199: Signed with Georgia

# 5 Andrew Maxwell, 6-3 195. Registered with Michigan State

# 6 Allan Bridgford, 6-4, 212: signed with California

# 7 Richard Bhawut, 6-2, 205. Signed with UCLA

# 8 Raymond Cotton, 6-4, 215: Signed with Auburn

# 9 Gareth Gilbert, 6-4, 199. Signed with Texas

# 10 AJ McCarron, 6-4, 191: Signed in Alabama

# 11 Zak Mettenberger, 6-5, 224

# 12 Egen Smith, 6-2, 190, unresolved

The high school actors, parents, and coaches love to talk about the Elite 11 Quarterback Camp, an annual clinic designed for more promising younger quartets. It takes place in San Juan, California, July 21-23 this year.

Each year, the best young weapon in the nation. It was designed to convince that the quartet was not born.

There are regional QB testing camps that take place in the spring and summer. There are 12 best high school quartets from these 12 campaigning camps. This is the most prestigious Quarterback Contest in the US.

When I have the 2009 Elite 11 Regional Tryout Quarterback Camp schedule, I will publish it on my website listed below.

If you want to know about the same Quarterback games that are being taught at the Elite 11 camp, see my site below.


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