Chiropractic Office's Budget Performance Index 2006 – top 10 best-paid insurance companies

The Monthly Payment Accuracy Index lists the top ten drug insurance companies in the last month. Participation in the index is conditioned by many criteria, starting with the minimum requirement of the requirements and including all critical payment performance criteria, which is more than 120 days' receivables.

The low interest rate for receivables up to 120 days is shown, taking into account the inclusion of the budget index, the frequency of participation in the index is a stronger performance measure as it also serves for a longer period of computation performance.

The index participation frequency table for annual review reveals both month index and its sustainability. Since Billing Precision has started its ranking only in 2006, In June, the highest frequency achieved by the insurance company in 2006 was 7.

Seven times :

  1. United health care. Calculation index between 5 and 12
  2. Medicare New Jersey. The payment index is from 11 to 17 years
  3. Cigna: Settlement index between 12 and 18
  4. Five times :

  5. Horizon: Between 18 and 18;
  6. Aetna: Calculation index between 5 and 20
  7. Medicare Wisconsin Calculation index between 18 and 42
  8. Four times :

  9. Blue Cross Blue Shield Illinois. Indicators for 5 to 15 years of age
  10. Blue Cross Blue Shield New Jersey Calculating aged 16 to 22 years old
  11. Three times :

  12. Blue Cross Blue Shield Wisconsin Calculation index between 3 and 7
  13. Blue Cross Blue Shield Florida: the payment index is between 5 and 55
  14. Oxford Billing indicator ranges from 6 to 15
  15. Twice :

  16. Blue Cross Blue Shield Texas. Calculation index between 2 and 33
  17. Medicare Florida. 6 to 17 year old account
  18. Medicare Virginia. The calculation index is from 10 to 15
  19. Health EOS. Settlement index between 12 and 20
  20. Once :

  21. Medicare West Virginia. Billing indicator 1
  22. Tripad. billing index 3.5
  23. Poetry. Billing Indicator 5
  24. Care of First NCA: calculation index 7
  25. Liberty Relationships: Billing indicator 12
  26. Medicare Alabama: billing index 12
  27. Blue Cross Blue Shield Alabama billing index 24
  28. Florida 1st: billing index 24

Chiropractic office managers use the statutory index to evaluate their billing performance and improve it over time. Note that the payer & # 39; The simplest comparison of the performance measurement determines the national standard whether the payer is doing well or not. The rule-based approach also allows classifying the whole package of payers by arranging them according to the identification criterion. Rule-based benchmarking enables the identification of elite payers who do best in each country, as shown by an indicator-based rating. After all, as the billing index is the whole package of the selected participants, the payer participating in the monthly rate determines stability of stability.

Unlike monthly BPIs, which marks the top ten for CHiropractic CPT codes last month, insurance companies have been selected for a variety of criteria, such as the minimal amount of revised billing, annual BPI just estimates the monthly non-attendance rate BPI- s. Whereas the lower interest rate for over 120 days of receivables is shown, taking into account the inclusion in the index, the frequency of participation in the indicator is a more effective performance criterion as it also serves for a longer period of computation performance.

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