PEO Group Health Insurance Premium Renewal Rates Rate

Professional employers again double-digitize:

Premium extension of group health insurance starts and reports are not encouraged. This is the time when the leasing companies and professional employers transfer small business owners new levels of their health to the next year. Employers across the country are told what is expected and what they want to hear. Especially now, when the economy begins to stabilize.

Many of our small business clients who rely on their peo partner to maintain a low level of their health insurance find out that it is no longer a matter of business. Business owners have become the next step in double digit growth by some American and human resource outsourcing companies, Adminstaff, ADP Totalsource, and TriNet / Gevity HR. CFO and HR managers complained about the growth of another HR-top 10 provider from the Group. Their customers resumed in September, and some said they have masters of expenses, of which 35% rise from Athens.

Dirty and disconnected

Many of our small business clients are learning that some healthcare options have been replaced by new health plans that offer limited networks that have fewer network providers or medical plans that are restricted to geographical location. Just last week, we contacted three Western Virginia offices in the first aid practice. They told us how their current PEO just told them to delete an entire network of plans. Most of their employees leave only one option, and it's very expensive. Of course, they are now looking for us to help doctors make a better option for their employees.

Only this can be alone.

The worst can still come. From September to January, more than 75% of group health insurance is planned to be updated. This includes most of the people and the lease of the largest and most successful staff, HR-outsourcing and professional employer services. However, stating that their extension of their new health plan manages HR and employee benefits providers Advantec HR, Outsourcing Oasis and SCI Staffing Concepts, scheduled for October, Frank Crum & HR and Fortune Business Solution Restoration 2011 the in January.

It is important to note that before the industry giants and their highly paid employees help the consultants, still struggling with their health insurance, the fate of hundreds of thousands of small and medium businesses is determined. Together, these PEOs and employee leasing companies represent about two hundred fifty thousand (250,000) business owners and about five million (5,000,000) employees. Let me have the best hope.

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