October Sky (Movie Review)

The Academy Award Ceremony and most of the film screening were ignored, with Sky on October 4 becoming one of the best films in 1999. Based on the story of Homer Hickman's true story, the administrator's son is inspired to learn from the rocket's launch of the Soviet-era satellite Splitnik, the October Scene, more than just a rocket film about a man who overcomes trials and suffers are they to descend? The emphasis on human behavior and the ability to overcome the great conflict and reach great heights makes the Octave movie a legend that enjoys a legitimate inheritance and an extremely high level of criticism among its critics. .

In the city of West Virginia in the 1950s, October Sky follows the life of Homer Hickman (Jake Gyllenhaal), helping his son to follow his feet. Grows in a city where coal is king, citizens of Homer can not understand a career in any other field. But when the Homer class is informed of the Sputnik launch, the satellite inspires Homer to learn everything he can do about missiles, satellites and spacecraft. Their teacher, Frame Raleigh (Laura Darn), Homer and his friends are studying different aspects of launching rockets and starting their own space launch missiles. But their trials and wrong attempts are overthrowing the local residents on the way to their missile paths and they are subjected to such anger and discontent that they perceive them as fury and expelled.

Homer's father becomes the victim of the fatal consequences of the deadly dust, and he is pushing his son to support the family, entering the mine. Understanding that her son's brilliant potential creates an interest in missiles, John Hickman (Chris Cooper) struggles Homer on the road to every step he seeks with his passion. But Homer remains in action, and when he and his friends begin rockets outside the city from a new site, more and more people start to see the brilliant sight … When Homer's hero, German rocket scientist and NASA engineer Wenger von Brown commented to Homer's letter that the guide is clear that students will show their work at the National Scientific Awards.

Promoted by Miss Riley, Homer and his friends are ready to put their final future on this one exhibition where the award includes full paid scholarships for leading American universities …

The inspirational fairy tale of a boy and her friends, who never abandoned their belief, October Sky remembers Jimmy Stewart and Frank Capra's memory as a good movie. In addition to the traditional mold manifestations, super-trolley or blood-thirsty reality drama, Sky of October commemorates the cinematic trend of commercialism, introducing its audience to the world of more profound formal films and stories. This trend of quality cinematography can only be hoped that it will continue. Sky of October is a clear-cut movie that you do not want to miss …

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