Jitterbug Phone Reviews – Jitterbug Phone Complaints

Due to their marketing experience with non-traditional customers, Jitterbug's phones have been adopted as an alternative to "smart phones", for example, iPhone and Blackberry. However, as a well-known mobile company that is proud of its simplicity and accessibility, Jitterbug has not been released from criticism.

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Functional Restrictions:Each Jitterbug model is a simple phone, so there are fewer opportunities than many other brands. Customers who want a phone to use as a mp3 device, game console, or web browser are dissatisfied. The Jitterbug J includes SMS messaging and Bluetooth capabilities to leave some of these concerns.

Customer serviceThough most users are satisfied with Jitterbug customer service, others, especially in 2009, And earlier, they complained about the exploitation of the Jitterbug responsible team. In fact, most of the Jitterbug models complained of customer service. Nevertheless, it appears that these customers have succeeded to speak with two or three representatives. As with all phones, customers with some technical know-how will have greater success with solving issues than those who have limited experience.

Coverage:Clients at heavy wooded areas, such as Idaho, Montana, West Virginia, Maine and Alaska's national forest areas, have felt limited signals or not at all. We advise you to provide consultation on the Jitterbug Coverage Map and the official jitterbug website to talk about services.

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