Think Whether You Are Employee Benefit Insurance Whiz? Try your Know-How coverage


Do you know the answers to that employee's answer?

1. Which of the below selected insurance companies is the original state fund?
a) GEICO (Government Employee Insurance Company)
b) employer insurance group;
c) Mutual Freedom:
d) All of the above were the means of the states

2. From these four countries, which has a maximum limit of premium.
a) Arkansas,
b) Indiana
c) Texas
d) West Virginia

3. Select the following from the standard employee compensation policy information page.
a) Insurer's Address;
b) the limits of the employer's liability;
(c) The United States where the coverage is offered;
d) the form of ownership of the insured person;

4. In Nevada, a damaged employee presented labor restrictions
to exclude the worker's work, the manager should work safely for him
the maintenance of permanent borders.
a) Yes, he must. This worker is covered by Americans with a law on disability.
b) Yes, he must. This worker has his constitutional right to go back
the former case.
c) Yes, the manager should give the worker a serious job.
d) No manager can refuse from permanent permanent work.

5. In Tennessee, an illegal worker suffered from work injuries. Follow
the notice from the employee's lawyer removed the head from the plot to the worker
that there was no job. The employee has legally allowed a suit
taking into account the "unlawful suspension" # 39;
a) No, the worker can not: According to the letter of the law, that was the employee
First of all, it is not allowed to work in the US so there is no "wrong" question
b) No, the worker can not. The state of Tennessee has a working status.
c) Yes, the employee can. Regardless of the status, workers have the right to represent a legitimate right
an unlawful termination claim.
d) Yes, the employee can. According to the state of Tennessee, there are no documents
workers may "stop illegal" # 39; on demand.

6. In Texas, the insurance claim holder allows you to work as a roof contractor.
a) Yes, he can. Specifically, Texas has a working rule that allows a worker to do that.
b) Yes, he / she may receive the appropriate license.
c) Yes, he can. The payment process is a statutory right that allows the regulator to own
roof license
d) No, he can not. Texas's law improves insurance coverage from roof acquisition
contractor's licenses.

Answers: 1 – d; 2-b; 3-a; 4-d; 5-c; 6-d;


September College Football on ABC-ESPN


September is a fantastic month for college football on ABC and ESPN.

There are a few fantastic matchups that will be televised on ABC and the ESPN family of networks.

On Thursday, September second, college football televised action starts on ESPN as Southern Mississippi visits South Carolina. Additionally, on Thursday it’s Minnesota at Middle Tennessee on ESPN U and USC at Hawaii on ESPN. Friday it’s Arizona at Toledo on ESPN. Saturday, September 4th, is a major day for televised action. ESPN has Miami of Ohio at Florida at noon Eastern while ESPN 2 has Western Michigan at Michigan State. ESPN U features Samford at Florida State. The afternoon competitions have Kentucky at Louisville, UCLA at Kansas State and Connecticut at Michigan on ABC while ESPN has Texas at Rice. At that same time, ESPN U has North Texas at Clemson. The night competitions on Saturday have Oregon State against TCU on ESPN, LSU against North Carolina on ABC, Memphis at Mississippi State on ESPN U and the late evening game has Cincinnati at Fresno State on ESPN 2. The competition continues on Sunday with Tulsa at East Carolina on ESPN 2 and SMU at Texas Tech on ESPN. Monday it’s Navy against Maryland and Boise State against Virginia Tech on ESPN. Whew. And that is just the first week.

On Thursday, September 9th, week 2 in college football starts with Auburn at Mississippi State on ESPN and Central Michigan at Temple on ESPN U. West Virginia is at Marshall and UTEP is at Houston on ESPN on Friday. Saturday’s competitions on ESPN or ESPN 2 are San Jose State at Wisconsin, Georgia at South Carolina, Miami of Florida at Ohio State, Penn State at Alabama, Iowa State at Iowa, Florida State at Oklahoma, Oregon at Tennessee, Stanford at UCLA and Mississippi at Tulane.

On Thursday, September 16th, week 3 has Cincinnati at NC State on ESPN to begin the week. Other competitions on ESPN and NBC include Arkansas at Georgia, Nebraska at Washington, Alabama at Duke, USC at Minnesota, Kansas at Southern Miss, California at Nevada, Kent at Penn State, Arizona State at Wisconsin, BYU at Florida State, and Clemson at Auburn, Texas at Texas Tech, Notre Dame at Michigan State, Iowa at Arizona and Wake Forest at Stanford.

Week 4 is featured on ESPN and ABC by Miami at Pittsburgh, Oregon State at Boise State, TCU at SMU, UCLA at Texas and Texas A&M at Oklahoma State.


The Jersey Giant


Wow … what can I say about the Jersey Giant but what a colossal breed of Chicken. They are a BIG bird! This Chicken is a Dual-Purpose Breed, (meaning they can be used as layers or a meat breed) and comes in 3 different Color variations.


This breed was originally developed in New Jersey (of course) between 1870 and 1890. This breed was originally known as the "Jersey Black Giant" and was named after its creators John and Thomas Black, not for its color! It is also one of the world's largest Chicken Breed.

The Jersey Giant is actually a mash up of other breeds used in it's development process. The breeds used were the "Java", "Langshan", "Brahma", "Cornish Game Hen", and later on the "Black Orpington". The concept behind this breed was to was to create a breed that was large and meaty enough to replace the Turkey as a table fowl.

Of other note, The Jersey Giant was not accepted into the American Standards until 1922!

Appearance and Temperament

Known to weigh up to 16 Pounds, the modern average weight of the Jersey Giant is around 13 pounds especially in Roosters of the breed. Feather coloration includes of course Black, White and Blue Lace. The black feather coloration should include a slate or gray undercolor. Also, the Black feather variation should have a green sheen to their feathers.

All color variations can have greenish (Willow) color legs. A Mature Jersey Giant should have a full, broad breast transported forward. The eye color should be Brown or Black .

The Jersey Giant Chicken is a hardy breed, docile, and generally even tempered. They are better suited as free range or should have access to a large area. They are very active and enjoy foraging for themselves! They are excellent for the beginner who is just starting to raise chickens.

Jersey Giant hens are good layers and are known to lay through the year. They Jersey Giant is a very good brooder also. If if you plan on raising your own chicks this is a good breed to use for that purpose.

Keep in Mind

1) This breed is a BIG Chicken, they need lots of room, and low perches for roosting. If you are planning to raise some, your gonna need a big coop.

2) They are Big Eaters and it takes a long time for them to fully mature.

3) They are generally low in stock at hatcheries.


Celebration Father & # 39; the day 2016 in America's rising homeland


Dad's Day 2016 is right in the corner, one day the story begins on July 5, 1908, when the West Virginia church sponsored 362 men who died in an explosion of gold in the mines, but then …

Next year, Sonora Smart Dod, from Spokane, Washington, and her pagan father, along with five sisters, raised their business. When he told his priest that morning in the morning, his mother praised the sermon, "Do not you think that fathers deserve a place in the sun?"

Thanks to their efforts, shops, officials, and YMCA have gained local support, Washington mentioned in 1911. On July 19 for the first time the Father was, but it was almost non-starter. As it turns out, many people laughed at the idea of ​​flowers and gifts, and little progress has been made. Indeed, it was not until 1966. President Lyndon Johnson left the first statement to his fathers on the third Sunday in June as Father and His Day. Six years later, President Nixon made it a permanent national holiday.

In those good old days, 87.7% of Baby Boomer grew up with two biological parents who were married to each other. Today, this figure has dropped by only 68.1% and has dropped. And no matter how you apply it, be it a father, a dad, a pop, or so, consider yourself fortunate.

That's because today our father is considered the largest family and social problem we are facing today. Indeed, goes as much as it says: "If it is classified as an illness, then the ineffective epidemic will be worthy of attention as a national emergency."

Do not doubt it for a minute.

According to the US Census Bureau, our 24.7 million children are not living with their biological father. It translates to 57.6% of the black child, 31.2% of Hispanic children and 20.7% of white children. And in 1960, only 8% of children alone had grown by one mama, according to the 2012 data, this figure was 24.5%.

That is, the fourth of our children does not live with Dad.

And this is what he says New York Times: the best selling author, Michael Gyurian, "without your fathers, you do not have a civilization". The father hopes that time is the time when the culture says: "It's our point who is our boys and our boys. do not defend your uncle, we are going to be really messy. ":

We seem to be able to be as we inform that for a child's well-being and education, $ 160,000 is spent on a child, most of which have been spent from childhood. In the fiscal year of 2010, it has become a $ 29.4 billion exchange rate.

Another result: It says 90% of high schools and 63% of the suicides themselves come from homeless homes.

As it's said, we seem to be in misery, and that's because a book like Bill Byrne & # 39; p How long does it take to catch fish? so important. Dedicated to his dad who died at the age of 44, he writes: "Like a tear in such sweaty sweaters, my past stroke has been created only during its lifetime, when it has not been able to overcome it." She tells us that she often dreamed about her dad, who came out of a place, always leaving her with a "shameful passage" that when she had finished dreaming she went and I would be alone. "

Irresistible slot …

Do you want to get help in that pit? You can donate to the National Center for Horizons that contributes to improving the lives of children and families by providing them with tools, resources, and programs. Because the organization reminds us. "Even if you're involved in Daddy? [or are fortunately to have one], until we are successful, your children and grandchildren will grow up in the culture of missing fathers and inadequate children. !! ":

Thanksgiving, Happy Father's Day!


Des Moines New Home


Before you go and purchase a house or real estate in Des Moines, you should know a little bit about the area. It was founded in 1832 based on a war fort. Many people have different translations for the name, but all agree that the name refers to the local river. The area began as mostly Indians and then through many steps became the Capital of Iowa. Through most of it’s existence, the city has been known to change, but still keep the “old ways” that make the area still feel much like it first began. A mix of history with the modern world creates a fascinating town that you will find very comfortable and welcoming to live in. Find a dream home in Des Moines!

What type of history is involved in the Des Moines area? During the early 1900’s, the city began to increasingly develop because of the amount of permanent road that where being laid and also the new health law’s and from the many debates that there going on, like woman’s suffrage. During WWI, the city began to disappear. Camp Dodge was established and over 100,000 Iowans had to be trained for the war. It took the town years to recover from all the men and jobs that were lost from the area. After WW II the city, become a major insurance center. Since the war ended, Des Moines has grown so much each year with all the added businesses that locate in the area.

Today there are more than 200,000 residents of Des Moines and it is a major center for government, education, business, culture, and the arts. Des Moines is still the third largest insurance center in the world with nearly 60 different companies. Des Moines is convenient to live in because of the skywalk system. You are able to walk from your parking garage to your place of business and never have a raindrop fall upon your head. The fun and excitement of living in Des Moines is not going to stop there. You can find nature not far, and yet, the best shopping malls and retail outlets can be found there as well.

You shouldn’t be surprised from all the tourist attractions and activities that are offered in Des Moines. Among the attractions are many art centers, art festivals, Adventure land amusement park, Blank Park Zoo, Botanical center, civic center, soccer leagues, theatres, and museums. There is plenty to do in Des Moines that is sure to please everyone in your family. Des Moines offers a little bit for everyone. Don’t forget the nightlife and all the clubs and bars that are in the city. It is one of the best places in Iowa to go for a drink. Singles meeting singles in the clubs of Des Moines is another thing you can look forward to.

If you are planning on relocating or purchasing real estate in the Des Moines area, you will want to locate a Des Moines realty business. By working with a local realtor, you will be able view the new Des Moines homes or find a nice duplex for sale in Des Moines, Iowa. There are plenty of houses and apartments that you can rent or own. Since it is a city that can become very expensive, as in property taxes and other things, you may only be able to rent a Des Moines apartment or rent a piece of real estate located in Des Moines. You can find all types of houses that will become your home. From the five bedrooms, to the small one bedroom homes and apartments, you are sure to find a home that will fit your budget and your family.

However, the area has a lot to offer as for activities and after work life. You may want to relocate to the city of Des Moines because it is closer to the life. When it comes to buying a new home in Des Moines or when you are buying any home, you must think of it as the most important investment of your life. Your family will feel safe and secure in this are. The Des Moines area is one that involves community life, a closeness that you just don’t in other cities. The schools are high tech, while involving children in sports and other activities that will keep them on the move.

You are not choosing just a place to live, but a place where you will raise your children. Another reason why you need to give your housing selection a great deal of thinking time is because you will have to invest a large portion of your savings or you will have to commit to a long-term loan. It can be an overwhelming process, but the fact that you have chosen Des Moines will make your decision easier, because it is such a great area to raise a family or settle down with a significant partner. Your family will love it here, and they will even want to stay and raise their families as well.

If you have located Des Moines realty and are looking for a house to rent in the Des Moines area or are thinking about purchasing a new Des Moines home, you will want to think about the benefits of owning your own home. Instead of renting, you may want to think about making the commitment and buying. On advantage to buy over renting is the fact that your home is the best investment you will ever make. Although some people start off in a small home and then relocate to another so that they can make room for their children, it is still a place to make memories with your partner. Think about the income tax savings if you were to buy a Des Moines new home. Another thing is that you will have a stable monthly housing cost.

Meaning, because of arrangements made at the bank, you will know exactly what your house payment will be every month. You won’t have to worry about rent inflation. If you were to purchase a duplex for sale in Des Moines, Iowa, you know your monthly payments to the bank, but you can also rent out the other half and make you monthly payments from rent. Doesn’t that sound so great!? The federal banks located in Des Moines are just waiting to give out some home loans so that they can contribute to the growth of the city. Another advantage to buying a Des Monies home instead of renting is the fact that you have more freedom with expression. You can decorate your house however you want it or even remodel and have no one to ask for permission but yourself. Also, you have more space in general.

If buying is still not in your agenda, you should ask a realtor to show you some of the duplexes for sale in Des Moines Iowa and also some Des Moines apartments. Renting isn’t that bad if you don’t plan on living in the space for long-term. As a young adult, renting maybe best for you. Once you have decided on your apartment or rental in the Des Moines area, contact your realtor or the owner and make a contract with them immediately. Rentals or any type of real estate doesn’t last long on the market in Des Moines.

After you have moved and settled, you can enjoy all the great benefits of the city.


History of the Jersey Barrier Industry


The importance and necessity to deploy concrete median Jersey barriers along traffic routes is no longer a debatable issue, as numerous studies and researches have amply demonstrated their functionality. From the very first time that the California highway authorities used the concrete Jersey barriers, along the Grapevine Grade, on the US route 99 in the year 1946 until date, the Jersey barriers have been instrumental in averting head on collisions and reducing fatalities on roads. The next important phase of deployment of the concrete barriers was in 1955, when the New Jersey State Highway Department developed and used the barriers to divide highway lanes. From then on, other state highway authorities recognized the importance of deploying the barriers and several states adopted these measures to advantage, on their roads and highways.

The concrete barriers underwent several changes in designs and specification in sizes from the early F-shaped barrier, constant slope barrier to the Ontario Tall Wall, California K-rails and the plastic barriers that are becoming increasingly popular. The earliest concrete barriers were not very tall structures; just 18 inches high, but as time went by, and vehicle designs changed and taller vehicles hit the roads, so did the heights of the barriers. Today we have median concrete Jersey barriers that are 3-5 feet tall. The basic design remains, as parabolic curved surfaces on either side as this has proved effective in redirecting the errant vehicle back into the traffic stream and minimizing damage in the event of an accident. Shea has been a pioneer in the production of precast concrete products since 1949 and their latest product is the J-J hook concrete barrier, which according to the company is extremely simple to assemble that, “Two men and a truck can install 6000 ft, in one shift.”

With the success of rotational molding and the use of plastics becoming commonplace, hundreds of new and cheap products for daily use were introduced in the markets. Huge plastic items like storage tanks for fuels, chemicals, and water, marine and recreational products, specialty furniture, and Jersey barriers were some such products that caught peoples’ fancy, as these items were lightweight yet strong, durable and easily portable. Several companies successfully created plastic barriers that were lightweight but used as barriers when ballasted with water, sand or any other ballast material. These companies have taken the functionality of the barriers to newer levels and today the barriers also function as crowd control barriers, force protection and anti-terrorism safety devices, and to cordon off gate approaches, construction zones, traffic control, airport security, air shows and race tracks.

Yodock Wall Company, Inc. a family based business, is a top name to reckon with in the plastic Jersey barriers and barricades industry. Manufacturing top quality barriers and barricades, this company serves several industries like traffic control, airport maintenance, military and Homeland security and general construction.

Armorcast Products established in 1966, has multiple manufacturing capabilities and they manufacture plastic Jersey barriers and other protective enclosures using rotational molding. Their safety and security barriers and barricades bear their logo, Guardian. Other companies that are relatively new entrants in the field of plastic Jersey barriers are Remcon Plastics Inc.,that entered the safety products market in 1990 and Rhino Safety Barriers incorporated in the year 1999. Both companies have introduced innovative designs and have products that comply with NCHRP 350 standards.

OTW Safety products sell their barriers under the Smart Jersey Barrier brand name and the company has been designing, testing, and manufacturing Jersey barriers since 1993. A market leader since 1988, Rochester Rotational Molding manufactures colorful Jersey barriers as well as accessories for the barriers like solar powered barricade lights and incandescent plastic barricade lights. With several such key players in the business, we can look forward to new, innovative designs and highly functional Jersey barriers.


Greyhound Handicapping – This is famous for:


From the 70's I go tracks of dogs, so it's very familiar places. I feel at home, no matter whether I'm in Florida or West Virginia. Even in Tucson, Arizona, the scenes and sounds of the road are like a home.

Many years ago, I realized that though it is very good to feel at home where I spend a lot of time, it's not a good idea to affect my abyss and bet. After all, though it's nice to relax on that road, have a hot dog and talk to your friends so I'm not there. I go to the street to earn money, not to associate, even though I have friends to sit on the tracks. The point is that they are there to earn money, so we all focus on races, even when we are discussing them.

If this is the reason you are going to the track, the rest of this article does not apply to you. But if you go on the path to earning money, think for a minute about whether the pinpoint acquaintance makes you lose money.

You are so comfortable on your favorite track that you no longer see the environment. You walk, sit with friends, drink or order some food and prepare for a relaxing evening or evening. Or come and look at the hairstyle, look at the dogs that are weighed, the last time you go to your program, and then be careful not to notice that the crowd can surround you.

It's a way of making money. No matter how many times you go on the same track, each trip is different. Sometimes there is something you can notice that it can help you earn a little more. Look at the age chart. Look at the leaders. First of all, look at dogs and your plan.

There's nothing wrong with hanging out with your friends straight away. But if they talk about other things and distract you from intolerance, observing disagreements and dogs, you can leave a couple of minutes before them before you compete. You can always come back to them when the race is over.

Look at one thing and everything that can affect races. One day you are not familiar with the tracks of day, on the way you take. The wise vicious person knows that the winners and the losers are just a small fringe. Acquaintance is something that can lead you to lose that edge.


The Conundrum that is Brad Smith


As we hit the midpoint of the Big 12 season, the title game picture is crystal clear in the South, yet still murky in the North. Up until Saturday most people agreed that Colorado and Nebraska were by far the class of the Big 12 North. Sure Missouri was 2-1, but their wins came against conference bottom feeders Iowa State and Oklahoma State and they now had to play Nebraska! Many assumed that Nebraska’s vaunted defense would shut down the Tiger offense and roll on their way back to the top 25. But someone forgot to tell Brad Smith.

The sometimes remarkable, sometimes maligned senior quarterback decided to have arguably the best game of his career Saturday. In throwing for 234 yards, plus a touchdown pass, and rushing for 246 and 3 touchdowns (setting a Mizzou record for total yards with 480), Smith single-handedly moved Missouri into the argument for North champ. This performance came after a week in which Smith’s backup, freshman Chase Daniel, was garnering support for the quarterback job. The highly touted Daniel entered Missouri’s game against Iowa State for an injured Smith and led them to a 27-24 overtime victory, throwing for 185 yards on 16 of 23 passing. Yet this week the only thing Chase Daniel did was disrupt Missouri’s momentum. After four consecutive Smith scoring drives to begin the game, Daniel entered in the first drive of the 2nd quarter only to see nothing materialize. The drive turned out to be a major momentum swing for Nebraska. Though this was a pre-designed maneuver that was supposed 1 of 2 drives for the game for Daniel, Smith’s performance dictated that he remain in the game.

Brad Smith’s years at Missouri have had their major ups and downs, usually turning into results that didn’t live up to expectation. As a true freshman in 2002 Smith replaced incumbent starter Kirk Farmer and the Tigers went on to a 5-7 record. With raised expectations for 2003, Smith lifted the team to an 8-5 record and an Independence Bowl berth (a loss to Arkansas), behind a 1310 yard rushing, 28 total touchdown season. Coming into 2004, Smith was receiving a fair amount of Heisman hype, and did nothing with it. He was one of the bigger disappointments of the 2004 college football season. Many attribute his drop off to mismanagement by Coach Gary Pinkel, but the decline in his numbers was severe. Though his passing yardage increased, his completion percentage dropped from 60.6 to 51.8 and his rushing yards plummeted to 553.

Though it seems like Brad Smith may never leave Missouri, it is now his senior season. 2005 is a year that Brad Smith can finally live up to his enormous potential. In running roughshod over the formerly top ranked rush defense in the nation on Saturday, Smith has both solidified his job and put Missouri into the hunt in the Big 12 North. His performance made him only the 6th player in NCAA history to throw for 200 yards and pass for 200 yards in a single game (the first since Indiana’s Antwaan Randle El in 2000). In addition, he is currently the leading rusher in the Big 12 and the 10th leading rusher in the NCAA this season, already besting his total from 2004.

But severe obstacles still remain in both Smith’s and Missouri’s paths. This week they visit Kansas in the annual Border War. Kansas has won the last 2 meetings and has proved a big problem for Smith. In the past two games against them, Smith has rushed for a whopping -8 yards on 30 carries and the Kansas defense that he will face off against this season currently ranks number 1 in the Big 12 against the run. If they somehow manage to shake the demons in Lawrence they still have road games with current North favorite Colorado and Kansas State, who they haven’t beaten since 1992.

I hesitate to put my money on Smith, who has shown flashes of absolute brilliance before, rushing for 291 yards and 5 touchdowns in a 2003 win over Texas Tech. He has been one of the most inconsistent players in college football in the past several years. The question is did he turn a corner on Saturday against Nebraska or was it just another brilliant flash? You have to wonder if he will ever put it all together.

As for Missouri, I just don’t think they have a team capable of winning the North. Outside of Brad Smith they still aren’t all that good. They currently rank 10th in the conference in total defense, allowing 375 yards a game, their schedule plays out poorly and lame-duck Gary Pinkel is still their coach. Missouri will only go as far as Brad Smith will carry them. If he plays even 80 percent as well the rest of the season as he did in the Nebraska game, he may give Vince Young a run for the finest player in the Big 12 and lead Missouri to their first Big 12 championship game. But if he doesn’t he could just as easily fade off into oblivion after this season. Now is the time for Smith to either assert himself as a great quarterback or become the running version of Notre Dame quarterback Ron Powlus, a four year starter who could never quite live up to his full potential.


The View From the Grass Roots by Gregory J. Rummo; Book Review


Book Review

The View From the Grass Roots by Gregory J. Rummo

Millennial Mind Publishing, 1589821017, $ 22.00

Picture Erma Bombeck and George Will having a child who grew up, moved to New Jersey, and got a dog named Chewbacca. This is probably the best way one could describe Gregory J. Rummo.

Readers in the New Jersey area will know Rummo from his many years as a regular contributor to regional newspapers, where his work tackles a variety of topics, personal and political. The Amy Foundation, an organization dedicated to promoting Christian-influenced journalism in secular news and magazines, has seen fit to bestow a number of awards on Rummo's work. Some of these pieces are featured in The View From the Grass Roots, a collection of ten-plus years of opinions on the Clinton administration, profiles in courage, and timely observations of the country and government in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

The book's title, Rummo explains in the introduction, is meant to emphasize Rummo's position as a writer. He does not proclaim to be an expert on the topics about which he writes, but rather he calls shots as he sees them – as an ordinary husband, father, Christian, and American citizen observing life. To call Rummo "ordinary" would be a misnomer, however. A perfunctory glance at the contents of View presents the reader with a look into a life both blessed and challenged, a life appreciative of God's creations – everything from the rough beauty of rural New Jersey to the child growing in a mother's womb. Rummo's style is common sense and easy on the eye; a column on the logistics of coaching his son's soccer team may illicit a few chuckles while at the same time warm a reader's heart as Rummo explains how his son refuses to let his deafness become an obstacle while playing. His thoughts on past and present Presidential administrations may, depending on one's political leanings, leave a reader nodding in agreement or shaking his head.

Whatever your view on religion, the government, and life in general, it is well worth the time to see these things from Rummo's point of view.


Frederic Von Traffin:


The American artist's struggle is known as an American / German artist known as "Layl". He was born in 1957. Baron Frederick Lyle Bartholomew Rooster von Trafalburg and Morsbach and Rooster Von Morris.

Baron Won Morsbach and Morris studied at Park College in Arlington, Missouri and studied in Boston, Pennsylvania, a number of German universities and currently featured in Colorado, New York, Paris and Germany. He has a degree in behavioral science, psychology and art history, works as a system analyst and database manager. She intends to keep her picture as a hobby, feeling she is doing her best job with that approach.

Baron von Morsbach an Morris has extensively traveled, now lives in the city of Heppenheim, Weston, West Virginia, a small farm of Natick, a massive and art gallery. He continues to have apartments in Norfolk, Wilson, and has a family home in Pennsylvania. Most of her family lives in the United States or Germany. She is exposed to European art, her influence includes Claude Mone and Paul Gog.

Some of his exhibits include the Gallery of Vesceck in Paris, the Berlin City Gallery, the Tylor Gallery in Aschaffenburg and the gallery of the city of Aweibruechen. In the United States, he has been featured in galleries in Detroit and Birmingham, Michigan, and is currently featured in Colorado, Colorado, New York and Germany. In 1997, he received the BeBeem Artistic Award and the Golden Gold Medal. Among other prizes are the Goldcore Gold Medal, the Velesky Award and the US Army's Tacom Awards.

Frédéric Morris is an artist in New Art International, published in 1998. In June, Book Art Press, and in 1998 she was included in the "American Artist" nomination. His picture, "Friends," depicting a tropical bird, was next to the "Cruise" magazine. June 5, and was part of the auction of auction that contributed to the work of the Western AIDS Prevention Project.

1998 In June, Morris presented the painting of the Virgile Mask, which was staged by Dr. Donald Brecken, President of the University. 2002 From April 19 to June 17, the artist opened an exhibition at the invitation of the city of Lindenberg (Germany), which opened for the public. October 27, 2004, Waston, WV, Alumni Magazine "Artist's Honorable College" Summer 1998, Park University, Massachusetts, "Craig Gallery Presentation", Issue 1, July 1988, Clarion, PA, The Detroit News The Detroit Free Press, February 7, 1997, is part of a series of exhibits, such as Frederick Won Trafford, The Clique Gallery, "The European Artist Displays Local" May 1993, Warren, MI, The Swann Gallery – , May 22, 1996, Royal Oak, MI, New Art International, Page 149, Lyle Morris, 1992 Diversions magazine, Gallery opening April 3, 1998, Detroit, MI, The Rescare Connection magazine, award winning artist, Winter 2004, Buckhannon, WV .. Art Notes Magazine, Spring 1998, Detroit, MI. other magazines.

Recently, Frederick Won Trawburg has donated a series of paintings to the Colorado American Corner Seal Foundation, which was sponsored by Inside Out, a youth group, the SCAP, the American Red Cross, FCC Church, MCC church, and other organizations. The latest sales have been created on the Internet with unlimited imagery.