Father from Babylon to National Holiday


In the era of time, society was involved in the worship of ancestors. More specifically, both mothers and fathers, as well as their descendants have been honored as supporters of life and love. Although maternal and paternal roles play a role in gender mainstreaming, it turns into nourishing and feeding.

People have been respected for centuries since ancient times. Antropologic and archaeological studies have shown that the 4,000-year-old "Father and the 39 Days" welcome, during which a young Babylonian young man wants a long life and good health on his father's clay tablet. Other studies have shown that ancient Romans have honored their deceased fathers every February.

No, until centuries later, in the United States in the early 20th century, almost all writing entries were directed toward a woman who had been shown an organized or public manifestation of love. Certainly, what was behind the closed doors was another problem, but it has nothing to do with our reality.

There are many proposed ideas that relate to our present Father and the origin of the day. The first was a monument to several hundred men, many of whom were fathers who died in the US, Monogue in Venezuela until that time (1907). Mrs. Grace Gold Clayton suggested remembering and honoring all fathers to live and die on June 5 for provoking their father's and birthday observations. There was no time to prepare for the Church service, and it was there until 1908. July 19, the third Sunday of the month.

Mrs. Clayton could have been hurt by the Native American Day of Gramont, Virginia, using Miss Anna Jarvis & inspiration to honor all mothers, to live or to die.

The third theory assumes that Father was the Day of Ms. Sonora Smart Dodie, Spokane, Washington. Sonora was the youngest of six children who were born only by their father when her wife died during childbirth. He felt that he had dedicated himself to doing something that he wanted to do. Sonora approached the Spokane Ministerial Association and the Spokane Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) in fulfilling her dream. Public support was immediate, giving its idea of ‚Äč‚Äčnational certification. Politician William Jennings Brian was in his CD as President Woodrow Wilson's family in 1916. In 1924, President Calvin Kulich proposed Father and Son Day, a national holiday, and in 1966, President Lindon Baines Johnson (LBJ) proclaimed the national observation that will take place on the third Sunday of each June. 1972 President Richard Nixon has granted a holiday status on the occasion of the Fatherland Day.

DO YOU know?

Mother and Danny and Father connect each other. Both show red or white flowers. If your mother is alive, give her a red gray but if she crosses, place her white on her grave. In the same row red roses are for living fathers, and white roses represent the father who died.


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