Fun Facts About Sierra Leone – The Diamond Of Africa

Peace and Democracy:

You know, SL has been one of the youngest democrats in the world since 2007. The government is making every effort to improve the human development conditions of all Sierra Leoneans. The country has recently appeared in one of the world's most terrible civil wars (ethnic conflict), during which more than 100,000 people have been killed. During that bloody war, thousands of children were forced to become child soldiers and slaves. In addition, several girls and teenagers have been raped by rebel forces and other groups – one of the worst nightmares in modern history.


You know, Sierra Leone is a beautiful country in West Africa, covered with tropical birds, hills and shells, as well as beaches and mangrove swamps. The state of West Virginia, 27699 square kilometers (Sierra Leone), is one of the smallest countries in Africa and the 118th largest planet in the world, Ireland, Georgia and Sri Lanka. Despite its small size, it is equipped with numerous rivers. This tropical country is bordered by Northern and Eastern Guinea (from 1958 to Guinea), from the south to Liberia (the only African nation that has never taken over by the foreign authorities) and to the south toward the Atlantic Ocean. Moreover, it has the world's third largest natural harbor.

African Aphrodite:

You know, 2009 During Miss World, Sierra Leone's delegate Mariot Carkbon, who speaks Chinese, English and the English, has become a sensation when she has won two special awards, where she has participated in more than 110 countries and dependencies. Sierra Leone, a former war country that has been working hard to build a democratic society, has become one of the best in winning the Miss World, with Maria Milagos Veliz, Venezuela, in the London Business School at the European Business School and three other Latin American records. During the interview, Miss Brown said: "During the past two years, I have prepared Sierra Leone for bad conduct in the 57th Miss World Championship in Sania (China)." Miss Cargon, who has learned in the People's Republic of China, whose idol is Nelson Mandela, has earned the Miss World 2009 talent. Then, in 2009, On November 28, he was awarded the World Design Award as Assistant Manager, when his evening dress was voted as the "most original design" of the global competition (the nation's first prize at that competition). Designed by Dan Tabet, Carboy's dress is inspired by her country's ethnic diversity, one of the richest in the African continent. Interestingly, the country has never competed in "Miss Universe".


You know, 1972 On February 14, the country created world titles when the world's largest golden diamond, Sierra Leone's Star, was discovered in Koydu. Sierra Leone Star, whose value is about $ 3 million – 968.8 carats.

20th Century:

You know, SL has been an independent republic for 45 years already. 1961 was a special year for Sierra Leone. It gained independence from the United Kingdom. In the following months, 1961 On September 27, he officially became a UN member. However, he also joined the British Partnership. In the following decade, between 1970 and 1971, Sierra Leone won one of the 15 seats in the UN Security Council, with France, Taiwan and the United States.

The Olympic Games

You know, From the 1960s, the English speaking nation is a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). 16 Olympic Olympic Games champions, supported by IOC, participated in the 1996 Summer Olympics in the United States, with 14 athletes.


You know, Thanks to its wonderful scenes, it's a new tourist destination in the region. Without doubt, Sierra Leone has amazing landscapes in the eastern and historic places in the southern part of the tropical forests and mountains (Bintimani and Sankanbiriwa), the mangrove swamps, rivers (Moa and Sua), islands (Sherbro) and wetlands. in the west. Wildlife reserves are home to several wild animals, birds, insects, reptiles, amphibians, ivory, arachnids, and crayfish. On the other hand, it also has one of the largest spots in the virgin (potential holiday paradise). Certainly, it offers the best tropical beaches of West Africa, surrounded by over 300 miles of Atlantic Ocean coast. Meanwhile, Sherbro is one of the most fishing spots on the continent. 1991 year On April 16, Yvonne Sebag had taken about 283 pounds sterling. Also, SL has a number of African traditions. When you think of tropical birds, African music and stunning beaches, think about Sierra Leone. In fact, you will find here to find a new country.

Natural Resources

You know, This land is very rich in natural resources (such as minerals, fresh water, bird species). Despite being one of the smallest continental republics, Africa is one of the largest diamond producers (about 55% of total exports). Apart from diamonds, it has large titanium and bauxite mines.

Cultural diversity

You know, This English-speaking country, the Little West of West Africa, is a merger of different cultures, religions and tribes. It is home to up to 16 dozens of ethnic groups.

World-renowned athletes

You know, Sierra Leone is one of the tallest athletes in the world in the late 1990s, including Einice Burberry's birthplace, US Steyn Dragila (Kenya) and Dennis Lewis (Great Britain). Until 1998 He became SL's and became the country's most successful athlete (man or woman). In the early 1990's, he took part in the 25th Summer Olympics in Spain, where even semi-finals did not reach the Hethathon and 100m for the ban. In 1993 he was unable to qualify for the semi-finals at the women's Olympic Games in Stuttgart (Germany) at the IAAF World Championship. In the years that followed, Barsez took the top five in the world. 1995 He is in the fourth place in the IAAF World Cup in Sweden. At the XXVI Summer Atlanta Summer Games, French athlete Miss Barber is the fifth with 6,342 points. 1999 At first he became a French citizen, as well as a number of African shirts. He was competing under the French flag, winning two world titles: Hethathlon (1999) and a long jump (2003). In addition to these awards, Miss Barber won three medals (2 silver and 1 bronze) in the early 2000s.


You know, Frito, who ignores the Atlantic Ocean, is the country's capital and the largest city. This city, the capital of which is a port, has many historic buildings. Moreover, there are more than 1.1 million people here. It was created in 1787.

Famous people

You know, From the 1960s, SL has several prominent figures: Salfistmon (author), James Yoon (diplomat), Junes Barber (athlete) and Abiogen Nikol (novelist).

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