Latin The reasons why it will take another 100 years

Dead Language: Latin is a classic language that belongs to the Italian branch of Indo-European languages ​​(Wikipedia). It is the official language of the Mother See, the Roman Rota's working language and its public reference to Acta Apostolicae Sedis. Latin has become one of the most influential languages ​​in history to become one of the largest Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and English languages. Latin is vulnerable to frequent changes in other living languages ​​whose literal meaning is manipulated and distorted. It is metamorphosed over the centuries. Old-Classical-Vulgar-Medieval-Renaissance-New and Contemporary Latin. Known quotes and expressions, science & amp; art, law and literature, Latin influenced greatly during human history, providing survival for the next millenniums.

From the countries, institutions, military organizations, movies and media, the language's impact is felt in all parts of our society. (Portus cale) – a Latin bath where Portugal has its name; Egypt (Egypt), meaning the underground Latin in the Aegean Sea and the Latin name of Switzerland (Confoederatio Helvetica) and accepts the short form Helvicia his coins and seals. (A mari usque ad marare) – The official slogan of the sea from the sea to the US state of Missouri (Salus populi suprema lex esto) – People's health should be the highest law as its state slogan and the state of the West Virginia (Montani semper liberi) – Mountaineers are always free. The Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom (Per ardua ad astra) – The stars of the United States are the official motto of counting and struggle, the United States Marine Corps accepts the phrase (Sampar Fidelis), always faithful and the goddess of the truth of Harvard University (Veritas), daughter of Saturn and mother of virtue : Also movies, such as the Passion of the Christ, conquering it with a more realistic sense of films that have a Latin subtitle title and websites, T.V and radio programs and magazines in a fully-executed language.

(Ad impossibilia nemo tenetur) – No one is required to implement one of the Latin terms that you probably will have to hear before the judges and lawyers before the lawyer. When the Roman Empire fell, its occupied regions were accustomed to their laws, language, and culture, so they continued to use it. In the process of collecting their own laws to resolve disputes, the Latin became the language of law choosing the law and became the basis on which it was applied. Coming to the main languages ​​of English, Spanish and French, the Latin was less used and eventually destroyed, but continued to be widely used in law schools and advocates for their terms and expressions. Some common Latin terms that come to mind (Actus non facit reum nisi mens sita rea) – The act does not mean that a person is guilty of guilty plea, usually used for the defense of the accused (Actore non probante, reus absolvitur) – When the plaintiff does not prove that the accused is doomed, the term of the proof of the claim, the plaintiff (anemic sure) – an intention to confess (Amicus Curiae) – a friend of the court and (Aberratio ictus) – an incorrect mistake where the wrong person is suffering. Which country you are, you never miss the use of such terms as law, emphasizing its continuing influence and importance on the legal profession worldwide.

Science continues to be greatly taken from Latin, especially for the combination of new words in the International Science Lexicon (ISF). It is composed of scientific and professional words whose origins may or may not be specific but are used in modern languages, Wikipedia. His translucial sense extends in Latin to modern languages. English, Russian, French, Swedish, Japanese, Thai, Kiswahili and Hebrew. Thus, a word like the Femur-Thigh bone remains the same when used in any modern language and it is interconnected. The biomic nomenklatura used by scientists in plant and animal names is used in Latin, with the basic intention of helping linguists who are fluent in classical languages ​​to better understand and remember such scientific names. Apis mellifera – honey bee. There are many Latin names and terms that will necessarily be similar. Tibia-Shin Bone, Fibula-Foot Bone, Fetus-Fetus (Unforgettable Baby), Citrus Aurantium – Creamy Oran, Eubalaena Autris– To Southern Right Whale, and Eptesicus Brasiliensis – Brazilian Brown BAT.

Veni vidi viciJulius Caesar wrote Amantius in Rome after the decisive victory of Pontus Franz II in the Battle of Zelia, during the war of the 9th century BC. On August 2, 47, in Zil, the translation of historians, philosophers in Turkey means something meaningful if we are focused and determined for any purpose. After Piarnas, one of the legends of Caesar won the Battle of Nicopolis, he carried out cruel acts against the captured soldiers and Roman citizens. When Caesar heard about it, he declared war on Franca and met him in Zil, a small hill in northern Turkey, when he unexpectedly attacked the emperor when he trampled the tent on the tent, making confusion in his troops and gaining ground. However, the legionaries of the Empire quickly reunited, organized themselves and went through the army of about 20,000 attackers of the Fortes, against 10,960 empires. The straightforward goal of Caesar is that Farnann has overcome, though in the early days of sadness, he continued to quickly reunite, organize troops and achieve his goal by defeating Pharenes. Such Latin expressions are still inspirational, applicable, and compliant with today's institutions, individuals, governments around the world, using them as motto motives. Similar to; Appius Claudius Caecus's expression: Faber requires divination(Everyone is the craftsman of his own destiny), Petronius- Manus manum lavatory(In favor of favor or one hand washes the other), Horas-Vitanda lives in piracy(You must avoid the evil enthusiasm, Melancholy) and Caesar's indefinable expression, Alea iacta (The dagger is cast).

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