Tuesday coaching and QB training

I'm a former NFL Quarterback who played for Buffalo and today I want to talk about Quarterback training. Particularly about Quarterback Speed ​​in football.

Recently, I spoke to my good friend and room in the former college room with Steve Mariucci from the University of North Michigan. He was one of the NFL network commentators commenting on how fast or slow the NFL plant has.

He noted that the speed of qb at the NFL level is not as important as it is in high school and college. He said what is important for the quartet is that there is enough speed and speed to move to the pocket and, if necessary, to make a bribery caretaker or defensive radar.

By NFL, they pay the quarterback Matt Ryan, who has stolen more than $ 50 million in 2008, you can not have your Qb spread a common crime and run the ball. Yes, you have to throw a gun, but there's no owner in the NFL, there's a qb that's spreading like Tim Tebow.

If you look at the buttons below you will know the top four quarters, which will be included in the NFL 2009 football program, Stafford, Sanchez, Freeman and Davis, with none of them sparkling speed. But they can all lose their defensive players and can move in their pockets.

The Biggest Quarter –

  1. Pat White from West Virginia 4.5
  2. Steven McGuin is from Texas A & M 4.58
  3. Mike Rally, Central Washington 4.71
  4. Roth Bommar of Sam Houston 4.72
  5. Matthew Ashton from Georgia 4.81
  6. John Parker Wilson from Alabama 4.85
  7. Mark Sanchez from USC 4.88
  8. Nate Davis from Ball State 4.93
  9. Josh Fryman from Kansas State 4.95
  10. Chase Holebrook is from 5.05 in New Mexico

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