Millennials Gonna Pays Big Money

My friend L wants to live in a carriage.

At the moment he works for the whole meal and goes for extra cash for dogs. The rest of the time, however, is rising inside or outside, it does not matter.

Every time he is able to pay a few days over time … he goes out of Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, or Colorado Ridge.

And now he is ready for this hobby next step.

A month ago she told me she was going to raise her every time. It means that she lives in a carriage, and one is an outfit. It will have a bed, mini kitchen, storage of vehicles, everything you need to live on the road to life.

Now this may seem like an unusual choice, but L is 25 years, thousands of years. And his generation is more able to make such decisions, since millennia has an indefinable ability to exploit new technologies that make them possible.

In fact, these technologies are created for investors luckily …

One of the largest charging technologies, the L, is the mobile bank.

The reason is clear. As he lives on the road, he travels to be a "gig" for money.

The group is a job, without a job. This can be a quick help for a high-speed home construction project or for people like me as a research assistant who needs information quickly. Other gigs are more complicated as to write a small part of a computer program.

In some cases your client can be in Singapore, Dubai, New York or London.

After you finish, and it's time to pay, the customer just sends money using smartphones such as Venmo, PayPal or Dwolla. So it's easy to earn money for people like L, while they are traveling in pursuit of their passion.

As a result, this type of payment platform becomes wildly popular.

Follow the Millennium Money

Remember, L is the only one doing it. His whole generation, the generation of millennium, sees that this lifestyle is a viable option as they grow with smartphones and the Internet that have become electricity and water.

As you can know, millennia is today between the ages of 18 and 34. This generation is only 92 million people in the United States. It turns out to be the largest generation of history that strives for the fertile generation of the baby, which is 77 million.

In the world, the millennium is estimated to be as strong as 2 billion people.

And most of the US millennia-old habits share in Australia, the United Kingdom, China, India, Brazil, Russia, and so on.

In other words, if you travel, it will not let you go through thousands of years, which, like my friend L, is passionate about outdoor mountaineering, traveling, diving, climbing, volunteering and so on.

Most of them depend on mobile payments that are paid when they seek their passion. And for several millennia, they continue to stay in the same place, they also use these services. They can use a platform such as PayPal for everyday activities, such as transferring money to a friend or paying for their Uber rides.

In fact, the recent study has shown that 15% of the millennium daily uses mobile payments. Another 10% is used daily. And 29% use it several times a week.

It is not surprising that cellular payments have a higher rate of growth. 2016 It is expected that the growth will be 183.3%, and it will double in 2017. 2020 It is expected that the volume of transactions will make 314 billion dollars, the increase – 1,034%.

What you want to be an investor is like an explosive growth trend.

About Strong Banking:

I expect such expectations for the millennium-based stock offer this month.

Now, I can not afford that amount. And right now, there is no EPF, which is a fluid enough to advise me that this thousand-year-old mega tendency. However, continue checking and I'm sure I'll let you know when I suggest you find a good ETF.

At the same time I offer the following companies that use millennium trends, such as mobile payment services. Because it's a great deal of money.

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