Fighting a Temporary Restraining Order in New Jersey or Dissolving a Final Order in NJ

Domestic Violence and the tools that have been created to prevent continued violence and harassment in New Jersey have become quite effective compared to how domestic violence charges were handled 20 years ago. Today a victim can not only seek a criminal charge, but can also seek a FINAL restraining order in the State of New Jersey which as its name implies is FINAL, forever. Today we will touch upon how to prevent getting a final restraining order in the first place and if you lose and have a final order levied against you, how to remove or dissolve it.

In New Jersey, domestic violence covers criminal acts against your spouse, your partner, your former partner, a household member, someone you once dated and so forth. The criminal acts include: assault, sexual assault, harassment, terrorist threats, homeless, kidnapping, criminal restraint, false imprimination, criminal sexual contact, lewdness, criminal mischief, criminal trespass and stalking. Many people can be charged with one or two charges, others can face eight charges or more at once! For a restructuring order in New Jersey, even if someone is found to have committed an act of domestic violence, that does not mean that the person will automatically get a final restraining order against them. There are many factors in determining if a final order is needed.

Some of the main factors in determining if a final restraining order is needed are:

  1. Previous history of domestic violence between the parties (this includes threats, harassment, physical harm / abuse.
  2. The existence of immediate danger to the victim's person or property.
  3. Best interest of victim and any children involved.
  4. Existence of an order of protection from another State.

Now while, the previous history is very important, if one-act alone is egregious enough, a final order can be given. Fighting against the possibility of a final restraining order is difficult at times. Unlike criminal court where you have months if not years to prepare, maintaining order hearings are usually heard within thirty days after the service on the defender. Because of this, the defendant and his attorney must begin gathering evidence to show the defensive in a positive light, to show the defensive defending him or herself (if applicable), any evidence demonstrating instigation or a motive by the victim to push the defensive over the edge. While I know there are people in this world that would harm someone for no reason, I do believe the majority of people who are involved in a fight or argument are in that situation because it takes two to tango and it is not simply one person's fault .

The Defendant has the right to call witnesses, has the right not to testify, has the right to cross-examine the victim and any of the victim's witnesses. The standard of proof in a final restraining order hearing in New Jersey is lower than that which is used in criminal court and is called the preponderance of the evidence standard rather than the beyond a reasonable doubt as used in criminal courts.

The other calls and emails I receive fro people through the country who have a New Jersey Final Order against them is, how do I get rid of this order that has affected my life in so many ways? There are a few ways to compel a Judge to dismiss the final restraining order and some of the factors the Judge considers in that case are:

  1. Consent of the victim to lift the order
  2. The victim's fear of the defender;
  3. Nature of the relationship today
  4. The number of attempted convictions
  5. Other violent criminal acts by the defender
  6. The good faith reason the victim still opposes the dismissal.

While it is not easy to defend a person in a final restraining order or to have a final order removed, it certainly can be done under the right circumstances. When attempting to vacate a final order, the Defendant must order the transcript from the original final restraining order hearing.

In conclusion, despite what is spread and said on television, New Jersey is tough on domestic violence. If you are a victim or have been accused, we strongly suggest you get legal representation in your area.

Where Does Bubble Tea in New York and New Jersey Originate From?

Bubble Tea aka Boba Tea’s original origins come from the “Chun Shui Tang” Shop in Taiwan during the early 1980’s. The founder – Liu Han-Chieh was observing how Japanese folk would serve cold coffee and applied the same concept but to his iced tea.
Liu Han-Chieh also, claimed that while dabbling with tea – using cold milk and adding an array of different flavored syrups, fruits and tapioca pearls, he created Bubble Tea.
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In the 1990’s it really became popular across different areas in East and Southeast Asia …
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It has many names. Some of the other names often used for this rate include:

  • Boba
  • Pearl Milk
  • Bubble Milk
  • Boba Juice
  • Tapioca
  • Momi Milk
  • Q
  • Boba Nai Chai
  • Milk
  • Pearl
  • and a ton more!

In 2006 Bubble Tea in New York City and New Jersey was established by Gong Cha, which happens to be one of the most reputable brands worldwide. In fact, Gong Cha in New York City and New Jersey holds the highest prestige among other brands and shops internationally. Gong Cha is well known in the industry and by consumers for its quality teas and impossible service.
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Gong Cha Shops were first founded in 2006 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Gong Cha immersed immensely into the Bubble Tea market and acquired it with their premium, quality teas and other products and services offered by Gong Cha in New York City and in New Jersey shops.
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Gong Cha in Taiwanese means “tribute tea for the emperor,” which is an ideal name for such a highly successful and regarded brand, which caters and takes pride in their products and the services they offer to their loyal customers.
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The fact of the matter is that Bubble Tea has made its way into popular culture in the streets of New York City and New Jersey. It is considered to be a street food. However, one of the very cool things about Bubble Tea in New York City and in New Jersey is that it’s bridging cultures as Bubble Tea becomes more accessible to the public.
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Bubble Tea comes in an array of fruit flavors. You can choose from a variety of teas. Moreover, you can either take it with or without milk. In addition, you can also, choose the type of syrup you would like in your tea and you can either add jelly or tapioca pearls into your beverage. However, it is recommended that you try your first Bubble Tea with tapioca pearls, as the tapioca pearls are what made a complete sensation in Taiwan to begin with.
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Originally, It was mainly drank by school kids in Taiwan. Although, that is not the case anymore, especially in New York City and in New Jersey, with Gong Cha shops in the areas – where many adults indulge themselves in flavor filled Bubble Tea. These are served with oddly, thick straws, which were designed to scoop up the tapioca pearls or jelly.
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Bubble Tea in New York City and in New Jersey happens to be one of the most popular teas in their shops, because Gong Cha shops is well known for its great quality and taste. Gong Cha in New York City and New Jersey shops serve Bubble Tea with organic milk, homemade syrups and other natural and healthy alternatives, which will make your drink extremely healthy, while remaining favorite and more than pleasant to drink. At Gong Cha USA located in New York City & New Jersey – customers can select the sugar levels that they want in their drink.
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Other Facts About Bubble Tea in New York City and New Jersey:

Asides from tapioca balls you can also, add jelly, pudding or popping. For Puddings – the whole pudding can be blended into the drink, rather than adding a flavor.
An essential part of Bubble Tea is milk. You can choose from an array of milks. Would you like dairy or non-dairy? Or you can add:

  • Soy Milk.
  • Almond Milk.
  • Coconut Milk
  • Lactose Free Creamers.

At Gong Cha shops in New York City and in New Jersey you can be certain that you’re being served fresh, dairy products and not those out of a can, such as evaporated or condensed milk.
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At Gong Cha Shops Pick Your Choice of Tea! You Can Choose From an Assortment of Teas – Which Include the Following:

  1. Green Tea
  2. Oolong
  3. Pu-erh
  4. Chai
  5. Black Tea
  6. and many more!

Many of these contain EGCG, which is an antioxidant typically found in green tea, which boosts your metabolism and releases belly fat cells and increases the liver’s fat burning abilities.
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You can have your tea entirely customized in a fashion that is entirely healthy. Check out Gong Cha shops in New York City and New Jersey, which offer the most healthiest alternatives to Bubble Tea.

College Football – Only 8 Teams now Vie for BCS Title Game, Sagarin reveals a new stand for rivals

After completing the 12th season of the football team, eight teams have been overlooked with difficulty. Louisiana Tech, Kenis, West Virginia, Missouri, Ohio, Arizona, Hawaii, and Boise State. Everyone has only one loss, except Kansas and Hawaii, are invincible.

Tuesday night (11-18-07) showed a new AP survey of Top 25: LSU, Kansas City 2nd, Missouri 3th, West Virginia 4th, Ohio, 5th, Arizona 7th, Hawaii 14th and Boise State 17th.

New BCS classifications on Monday (11-19-07) were shown at LSU first, Kansas 2, West Virginia 3, Missouri 4th, Ohio State 5th, Arizona State 6th, Hawaii 15th and Boise State 19th.

The MS vote is not influenced by sports writers and broadcasters on national championship players.

The BCS classifications determine the participants consisting of three components – the US Today Coaches Poll, the Harris Interactive College Football Survey, and the average desktop rankings, including the Sagarin ratings. Each component is calculated as one-third of the team BCS Total BCS score.

All of this sounds pretty boring, and it, however, has underestimated the status of BCS as millions of dollars are at stake. It's not just BCS's national championship game in New Orleans in 2008. On January 8, it generates huge amounts of money to teams and conferences.

It's also 4 other official BCS Bowl games. Sugar Bowl 2008 On the 1st of January, Rose Bowl, January 1, Fiesta Bowl, 2008 On January 2 and Orange Bowl, 3, 2008.

This year, the total payout of 5 BCS games will make $ 85 million and the total economic impact of the five host cities is estimated at more than $ 1.2 billion.

The bottom line is that at least 10 teams will compete in the BCS rankings. The NCAA's six largest conference champions – 1st place in the Atlantic Islands, the Great East, Big 10, Big 12, Pacific 10 (Pac 10) and South East Conference (SEC) – 5 BCS. The other arrows catch up with a complex set of qualifications.

One of these qualifications is that the team, which ends at the 6th general conference, completes the BCS final qualifying twelfth, automatically qualifies.

Knowing this clear fact, you can better understand why Hawaii (15th place) and the Boeing's country (19th place) are so much obstacle to their current BCS statistics, though Hawaii is a 10-0 record and Boise State 10-1 protocol.

West Atlantic Conference Commissioner Carl Benson spent the rest of his holidays trying to persuade "everyone and his dog" about the great victory over Hawaii against Navajo, now occupying 97th place with Sagarin at 119th Section 1a. Havana finally won 28-26 in the 45-minute field, 11 seconds away.

Given the polls and the status of BCS, nobody listened or believed Benson's words.

Taking into account that eight teams have left the pitch for the BCS National League matches, Hawaii and Beausei are fewer players who have no real chance. Fortunately, the two collide this weekend when Boise State leaves for Hawaii.

After the game a team will rise to BCS Standings, and the other will probably have greater dependence on vision and thought.

Hawaii and Boyz are huge teams and they will pay more attention when they start to play a decent competition. Sagarin arrives at night on the Hawaiian Islands (153th) and 122nd place in Boise Province (opponents' quality).

Taking into account that there are only 119 sections 1 a teams who believe that these two teams have won the bottom talent and deserve what they get.

6 The remaining 6 teams, together with the Hawaiian and Boeing region, are either unbeaten at only 1 loss, at least 5 out of 6 have played a better competition in finding a national title game.

Arizona State (6th place BCS, 9-1) occupies the 26th place with the best Sagarin power rating. Louisiana (1st place is BCS, 10-1), 27th place, West Virginia (3rd place in BCS 9-1) is 42nd, Missouri (4th place) place on BCS 10-1) 47th place, Ohio state 5th place, 11-1), 53th place, and Kansas City (2nd place, 11-0- the ninth place) is divided into 101 divisions at 119 divisions.

Kansas is a weak pavilion for 11 straight victories. Yes. Kansas can finish the BCS National Championship and win, but it is not wrong for Kansas to win its low schedule compared to its BCS rival.

If the state of Hawaii and Boise should be where they are in the penitentiary. Probably not, given the level of competition. Kansas has surpassed it. This is probably the case. All three can make me more believers if they continue to win from a better competition.

So, I think, please, please. Who has played the most difficult season of this season? Try the Warriors in Washington who are 3-7 years old.

I seriously doubt that Kansas, Hawaii, or Boise will have records that if they all played Ohio, UCLA, South California, Arizona and Orchestral Orchestras, all of them headed by Washington.

For this reason, Washington is in the N1 State National Schedule and Kansas City 101, Boise State 122nd and Hawaii 153.

Kansas this week marks the 12th North Division at Missouri. The winner is most likely to play in Oklahoma or Texas, the South Division of the Great Britain, the Great 12 title, and the place of BCS.

Copyright © 2007 Ed Bagley

Rethinking Instruments John F. Kennedy's inauguration address:

According to Aristotle, the speaker or the writer has three ways to convince his audience: The first type depends on the personality of the speaker. the second is about putting a certain frame of mind into the audience, the third is evidence or evidence that is presented with the words in the talk.

One of the most influential people for the past century was John F. John. Kennedy, a well-known publicist,

His well-known speeches show how his convincing writing or spoken speech art (rhetoric) is used by the author or the speaker to convey the meaning to the listener or the reader's contribution to the purpose or subject of the message of his compatriots

Definition of Terms.

1. Alliteration : Repetition of the sounds of the words at the beginning of the words that are close to each other.

2. History . A brief or indirect reference to a person, place, event, or transition in the literature or in the Bible, which is well-known by the reader

. Amplitude . Detailed clarification of a point in detail.

4. Analogy : Comparison between two things where more complex is explained more clearly.

5. Anapora Repetition of one or more words in the heading of continuous expressions, points or sentences

6. Anastrope Discriminatory order, emphasis

7. Antimetabole : Continuous or repetitive words or phrases are in force

8. Antithesis : Contrast in parallel expressions (not to disturb the usual use of the word, to denote "extreme contrary")

9. Assonance : Repetition of sound sounds between different horns

10. Asindetho Conclusion absence

11. Chiasmus : Book Order Separation from One Express to Another

12. Climax : It is constructed in the order of organization, significance, weight or acceleration of words, sentences or sentences

. Conduplication : Andrippos is like a repeat of the previous word, but it follows at the beginning of the next from the previous expression, sentence, or sentence, the key word (not just the last word). [1965]] Conssonance Repetition of identical sounds of two or more words in the near future

15. Ellps Any missing part of the word that is easily understood

16. Ethos : Makes some audience values ​​and believes it's good or right.

17. Hyperbole : Reasonable exaggeration, humor or accentation

18. Images The notion of light that prompts images of things on the mind, using one or more of the five sensations

19. Logos : reasoning logically, logically

20. Methane Declaration of qualifications – reducing or strengthening its celebration.

21. Metaphor . Instead of one subject, mean or identify.

22. Oxymoron : Contradictory terms or ideas are combined

23. Parallelism : words, expressions, episodes, or larger structures, putting them side by side and making them like that

. Paradox A statement that seems to contradict itself, but it turns out that it has a rational meaning.

25: Pathos : Appeals to Emotions

26: Personalization : Assigning Attributes to Human Attributes to an Invalid or Impressive Object

27. Polysyndeton : Putting it in the list in each word of the word

28. Duplication The word or phrase is used two or more times in close proximity

29. Rhetorical question . A registry effect was asked, which focuses on one point, no response is expected

30: Sententia . Point punctuation containing aphorism

31: Synthesis the grammatical structure of the sentence;

32. Triangular A number of parallel words, expressions, clauses or statements

33: Zeugma : Includes several similar rhetorical devices that include one or more parts of the word grammatically correct (or partly) of the word

Rhetoric devices present Alliteration [19659002] • "the same solemnity" (2nd sentence of paragraph 2)

• "Man is in his mortal hands" (1st sentence of paragraph 3)

• "for which our ancestors fought" Paragraph 3 Paragraph 3)

• "Friend and Enemy" (paragraph 4)

• Does "(paragraph 5

• "Pay any price, pay for any burden …" (paragraph 5)

• "freedom and success of freedom" (paragraph 5)

"loyal friends" (19th Edition)

• "colonial control" (1st sentence of paragraph 8)

(Article 19, paragraph 2)

• "break the massive misery bonds" (9 Paragraph 11]

• "his scrap can be operated" (paragraph 11)

• "dark authorizations" (Paragraph 12)

• Sustainable dissemination (paragraph 14)

• "Sincerity is always exposed" (paragraph 15)

• "peace-loving" from 9th to the last paragraph

• "carry the burden" (paragraph 6)

• "large and universal alliance" (paragraph 5)

• "power and

* Stamping

] • "I swear to you and to the Almighty." (Second sentence, second sentence)

• "Those who are stubbornly striving after the tiger" (last sentence of paragraph 8)

Fasten [19659002] • "Let both sides leave both sides let the two sides … let the two sides (paragraphs 16-19)

* analogy

• "those who are striving for


"All forms of human poverty and all forms of human life" (paragraph 3 of paragraph 1) "Not because Communists can do that not because we aspire to vote, but because it is right "(paragraph 1, paragraph 9)

•" Those old allies … those new states … These people. … our sister … To the world … these nations … "(paras. 7-12)

•" We do not always expect them to find our viewpoint. However, we always hope to find their strong support for their freedom "(Article 19, paragraphs 2 and 3)

•" Both sides are burdened with the value of modern weapons, both are rightly concerned with the deadly atom even though they both compete in changing the uncertain balance of terrorism that remains in the hands of the final war of humanity "(Paragraph 14)

•" Let both sides be left … Let both sides be left … "(16 -19)

• "Not as a weapon to bear Although we have armaments and not call for a military call, although we are desperate but we urge to bear the burden of long-lasting burdens during the year and year "(From 6th to last paragraph)

•" The first hundred days, neither will it end in the first thousand days, nor in the life of this administration, and even on this planet during our lifetime. "(From the 8th to the last paragraph)

Anastrophe [19659002•"Donotcount"[1]

• "We are in the position of the (Paragraph 6)

• "Ask" (paragraph 26)

* Antimetabole

• "Ask your country which you can do for yourself, ask what you can do for your country "(Chapter 3)

• We are never negotiating with fear. But let's not be afraid to negotiate. "(Article 19, paragraph 2)

* Conflict

•" We are watching not today's victory but a holiday of freedom, as well as a change. "[…] not by the state's generosity but by God" (second sentence of paragraph 2)

• "Support any friend, any enemy …" (paragraph 5)

• "Unified that we can not do in a number of cooperative enterprises. (Article 2, paragraph 2)

• "No … because not … because …" (paragraph 1 of paragraph 9) [19659002•"

• "Let both sides examine the issues that unite us to exchange the issues that divide us. "Paragraph 16

" Not a new balance of power, but a new world of law "(paragraph 20)

•" Not as a weapon of call … not a call for a military call. (Paragraph 19)

• "I do not cut this responsibility, I welcome it" (paragraph 2 of paragraph 25)

Ask what your country can do, ask what can [Paragraph 26]

• "Ask what America will do for you, but what can we do together for the freedom of mankind?" (paragraph 2)

* [ [9459003] Assonance

• "… sustained spread of a deadly atom" (Paragraph 14)


• "We will pay any price, any burden, meet any difficult support for any enemy, support any enemy. "(Paragraph 5)

•" explore the stars, conquer the deserts, destroy the diseases, and destroy the depths of the ocean "(Session 2, page 18 •

• "Energy, Faith, Loyalty" (paragraph 4)

* Chiasmus

• "Let's never be afraid of fear, but let's never be afraid to negotiate" (Article 19, paragraph 2 )

• "Ask your country to do for you, ask what you can do for your country" (paragraph 3 above) wtyun) 1965-9002] * Climax

• «It will not be completed within the first hundred days. Nor will it end in the first thousand days, nor in the life of this administration, nor even on this planet during our lifetime

Conduplication 19659002] • "helping them to help" (Chapter 19)

• "good deeds in good deeds" (1st sentence of paragraph 10)

• "Free men and free governments"

• "absolute power … absolute supervision … "(paragraph 17)

The sentence of paragraph 10

•" warplanes are far from peace (Paragraph 11) "Heritage"

• "Whether we want good or bad we are …" (Paragraph 5)

* [VicePresidentJohnsonMrPresidentMrJusticeJudgePresidentEisenhowerVicePresidentNielsenTumanPontificalVisittotheUnitedStatesofAmerica1960-OurclergyourcompatriotsTodayweseenotthetriumphoftriumphbuttheholidayoffreedomwhichsymbolizestheendaswellasthebeginningpointingtorenewalaswellasthechange"(Paragraphs1and2)

•" In a long history of the world, how many generations have been given the role of freedom in the greatest danger at its time? (Paragraph 4)

• "Our only true gift with a good conscience, the final judge of our affairs with history, let's go ahead of ourselves that we love the earth, asking for His blessing and help, but knowing that God's work on earth should be ours "(last sentence of the last paragraph) Hyperbole

" Let all nations know if we are good or bad, to pay any price, to burden, confront any difficulty, support any friend, oppose any enemy to ensure survival and freedom. "(Paragraph 5

* Images

•" Jah has been transmitted to Americans of the new generation "(paragraph 4) [19659002] * Logos

(1st sentence of the 1st sentence)

• "New States we welcome in the freedom" (1st sentence) • "for violating people's mass miserable bonds (19659002, 1st sentence)

• "This World Assembly of Sovereign States," Mia (Paragraph 11)

• "Nations That Make Their Adversary" (paragraph 12)

* Metanóva

• "Now the trumpet calls again we are not calling on us to bear arms, but for us it is not necessary as a weapon but also calls for war, although we are desperate, but the burden of years, years and years (from the 6th to the last paragraph)

* Metaore

• "We, our sufferings, heirs of the First Revolution" (1st sentence of paragraph 4

• The word from this time and place, friend and opponent […]

• "traveled through the tiger" (paragraph 3 of the 8th paragraph)

• "Bonds Bonds" (19659002 ) • "Evolution of hope" (paragraph 2 of paragraph 10)

• "master of origin"

• "poverty chains" (first sentence of paragraph 10) (last sentence of Article 19 )

• "Terrorism Balance" (paragraph 14)

• "And if the coastal line of cooperation can stop the jungle of suspicion (paras. 20)

• "Energy, faith, devotion, which we bring to this effort, will bring our country and all those who serve it, and the brilliance of that fire can really light up Oxymoron

• "But this is a peaceful revolution" (second sentence of paragraph 10)

* Parallelism

today is not the victory of the party, but the holiday of freedom, which symbolizes the end, as well as the change that means restoration and change (1965-9002) • "Let every nation know whether it is good or bad that we will pay any price, bear any load, meets any difficulty, supports any friend, no matter any enemy, to ensure survival and freedom of success. "(Paragraph 5)

•" Let both sides examine the issues that unite us. .. for the first time, formulate serious and clear suggestions for weapons testing and control … May both sides strive to invite the wonders of science … Let the two sides unite … "(Paragraphs 6-9)

•" Together we can do little in a number of cooperative enterprises.


"If a free society can not help the poor, it can not save the wealthy wealthy people" (Article 2, paragraphs 2 and 3) • "Only when we have enough hands is beyond doubt that we can be sure that they will never work" (Article 19, paragraph 2)


• "For those people, […]

•" She is a grave for young Americans who have responded to the call to the surrounding world "(from 7th to the end)

• "Energy, faith, dedication, which we bring to this end, will be published by our country and all its servants [from the 4th to the last paragraph] Personalization 1965-9002] • "where the strong are fair and weak, and peace is preserved" (paras. 9) (1965-9002) • "The final judge of our affairs with history" (second sentence in the last paragraph)


* Repetition

"Man holds all forms of human poverty in his mortal hands and

Rhetorical question

We can fight against these enemies by joining the great and global alliance, northern and south, east and west, which can provide a more productive life for all mankind. You will face these historic endeavors [5]


• "to overcome heavy loads … and [paragraph]

* Sintax

• "My fellow citizens of the world. ask what America will do for you, but what can we do for a united human? " The last moment

* Tronikon

• "Today, we watch not the victory of the party, but the holiday of freedom, which symbolizes the end, as well as the beginning, mentioning the renewal and change. "(2-րդ պարբերության 1-ին նախադասություն)

•« ոչ թե որպես զենք կրելու կոչ, թեեւ մենք պետք է սպառազինություն, ոչ թե որպես մարտական ​​կոչ կոչենք, չնայած մենք հուսահատված ենք, բայց կոչ ենք անում (1965-9002) Zeugma

• «Հիմա շեփորն է մեզ կրկին հրավիրում, ոչ թե որպես զենք կրելու կոչ, չնայած, մենք կարիք ունենք `ոչ որպես ճակատամարտի կոչ, չնայած մենք հուսահատված ենք, բայց կոչ ենք անում կրել բեռը … »(6-րդից մինչեւ վերջին պարբերություն)

Արդյունքների ներածում.

Ջոն Ֆ. Քենեդի իր բացման խոսքում օգտագործեց 33 տարբեր տեսակի հռետոր կան սարքեր:

Խոշոր վերլուծության միջոցով կարելի է տեսնել, որ ակնհայտ է, որ նա նպատակ ունի լսարանի ուշադրությունը հրավիրելու համար լսել եւ հասկանալ իր կետերը իմաստալից կերպով գրելու եւ խոսելու ոլորտներում: