Salary in West Virginia, West Virginia, with unique aspects of salary and practice


West Virginia State Agency, which oversees the collection and reporting of state income tax, has been removed from payroll checks.

State Tax Inspection

Capitol Complex, Bldg. Notice type: Request For Proposals 1, W417

Charleston, WV 25305

(304) 558-3333

(800) 982-8297 (state)

Western Virginia allows the use of WV / IT-104, Western Virginia Employer Custody Certification Form, State Income Tax Advance, or W4 federal form, if the state and federal exemption are the same.

All States do not allow salary cuts in Section 125 canteen programs or 401 (k), how to behave as IRS permits. In West Virginia's caf├ęs plans, income tax is taxed for taxable unemployment insurance. 401 (k) The deferral of the plan shall not be subject to income tax. for taxable unemployment purposes.

West Virginia's additional salary is taxed as follows:

Annual salary: from $ 10,000 up to 3.0%

$ 10,000- $ 25,000 4.0%

$ 25,000- $ 40,000 4.5%

$ 40,000- $ 60,000 6.0%

More than 60,000 USD 6.5%

You can send W-2s to the state of Virginia in magnetic media if you choose.

Unemployment Insurance Agency in West Virginia

Staff Bureau

California Ave.

Charleston, WV 23505-0112

(304) 558-2674

The wage base for unemployment benefits in West Virginia is $ 8,000.00.

West Virginia has an additional quarterly salary report in magnetic media.

Unemployment records must be kept in West Virginia for a minimum of four years. This information generally includes: social card; rent dates, rehabilitation and termination. salary period; maturity dates and payment dates; the date and circumstances of the termination.

The West Virginia State Agency, charged with the enforcement of state duty and hourly laws,

Job division

Wage and Time Division

Capitol complex

Building 3, mn. 319

Charleston, WV 25305

(304) 558-7890


West Virginia's minimum wage is $ 5,15.

The West Virginia General Provision is a regular rate of one-and-a-half times after 40 hours on paying the employer's unpaid salary.

Western Virginia's new rental report requirements are that every employer must submit all new rentals and rehire. The employer must submit the required federal elements.

  • Employee Name:
  • salary address:
  • Employee's Address:
  • Employee Social Security Number:
  • Employer Name:
  • Employers apply:
  • Employer's Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)

This information should be submitted within 14 days of the employment or retirement date.

The information may be sent as W4 or equivalent, by mail, fax or electronic way.

There is a $ 25.00 penalty and a remarkable report for the $ 500 Western Virginia conspiracy.

West Virginia New Leasing Reporting Agency can be found at 877-625-4669 or 304-346-9513 or at

West Virginia does not allow a mandatory direct deposit.

West Virginia requires the following information about employee remuneration:

  • material deductions
  • Western Virginia requires that the employee be paid no less often than two weeks.

    In West Virginia, there are no mandatory requirements that occur between the period when the services are performed and when the employee has to be paid.

    The West Virginia Wage Law requires that immediate term employees have to pay their final payment within 3 business days, the next scheduled payment, if suspended after a labor dispute or temporarily halted. Voluntary employees must pay their final fee at regular regular fee or by mail if the employee requests.

    Wages of $ 800 dead workers; 120 days after 1000 dollars death must be paid to the rest of the spouse, adult children, parents, siblings, or person paying the burial fees (in that order).

    Escheat laws in the state of West Virginia require that the state paid one year later be paid to the state.

    In West Virginia, the employer needs to continue to leave his wages and return to the state for a 10-year term.

    The West Virginia salary bill mandates, more than 20% of the minimum wage, can be used as a loan loan.

    Wage laws on compulsory leisure or lunch breaks in West Virginia only those under 16 should have 30 minutes of rest, five hours of work, and the other workers get 20 minutes in 6 hours.

    The West Virginia Code requires that salaries and hourly records should be kept for no less than two years. These posts usually contain at least FLSA required information.

    The West Virginia agency is charged with complying with the Child Support Guidelines and Laws.

    Child Protection Support Bureau:

    Health and Human Resources Department

    Blog 6, Rm. 817

    State Capitol Complex

    Charleston, WV 25321

    (304) 558-4665

    West Virginia has the following provisions for reducing child support.

    • When should it be stopped? After receiving the order within 14 days.
    • When did you pay? Payday.
    • When will a dispatching notice be sent? "Immediately"
    • Maximum administrative fee. Payment is $ 1.
    • Refuse the limits. 40% profit if supported by another spouse or child. 50%, if not; the sum reaches 45% and 55%, if the employee has 12 weeks expired.

    Please note that this article is not updated for any changes that may occur from time to time.


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