Visiting Ortley Beach, New Jersey


While the New Jersey seashore is not nearly as popular as places like Florida or the Caribbean, the many vacation towns along the beach in NJ collectively play host to millions of visitors every year. One of these summer destinations is an unincorporated area of ‚Äč‚ÄčToms River which is known as Ortley Beach. It is fronted on the east by the Atlantic Ocean and on the west by Barnegat Bay. Its neighboring communities include Lavallette, to the north, and Seaside Heights, to the south. It is nice place to bring your family or to enjoy the company of a group of friends. If you do want to stay though it is best to rent a house. There is only one hotel in Ortley Beach, although there are many more places to rent a room for the night in nearby Seaside Heights.
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What can you expect to find on a visit to Ortley Beach and what can you do for fun once you do arrive? Let’s look at your options.

The beach is of course the largest draw for most visitors. There are two boardwalks fronting much of the rough mile long public beach. They are divided by a local nightclub and beach bar, the Surf Club. You will need to have a badge to access the beach during the summer. The fees vary depending on the amount of time the badge is valid (daily, weekly or seasonal). The badge fees help pay for the cost of keeping the beaches protected by lifeguards. There are also a few public bathrooms, which is oddly not something that you can easily find along many public beaches in NJ.
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After your day at the beach is done you could go to take part in the loud and raucous Surf Club. The popular nightclub often has live acts or popular DJs. The Surf Club is also open during the day, serving drinks and food from their patio to folks that can walk right up from the beach.
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Another interesting local place to go have some fun is Barnacle Bills Arcade. There is a miniature golf course – with 18 holes of course! There is also an arcade that features, among other things, video games and pinball. Adjacent to the arcade you can also find a snack bar that serves some easy to prepare fare and ice cream.

Many visitors to Ortley Beach also leave town to go have some fun, with one big destination in mind. This is the boardwalk at Seaside Heights. The boardwalk is as long as the entire Ortley Beach beachfront. You can find rides, games of chance, shops, food and more at Seaside. It is well worth the trip and it is less than a mile away. On Wednesday nights, you can also watch the Seaside Heights fireworks show. You can watch them with the crowd on the Seaside Heights boardwalk or have some more elbow room, with almost as good of a view, from the beach in Ortley.

The best thing of all, as is the case with many beach vacations, is to just take it easy. There is plenty of this to be had in Ortley Beach too. Hopefully you can have a chance to visit yourself sometime soon.


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