College Football – Only 8 Teams now Vie for BCS Title Game, Sagarin reveals a new stand for rivals


After completing the 12th season of the football team, eight teams have been overlooked with difficulty. Louisiana Tech, Kenis, West Virginia, Missouri, Ohio, Arizona, Hawaii, and Boise State. Everyone has only one loss, except Kansas and Hawaii, are invincible.

Tuesday night (11-18-07) showed a new AP survey of Top 25: LSU, Kansas City 2nd, Missouri 3th, West Virginia 4th, Ohio, 5th, Arizona 7th, Hawaii 14th and Boise State 17th.

New BCS classifications on Monday (11-19-07) were shown at LSU first, Kansas 2, West Virginia 3, Missouri 4th, Ohio State 5th, Arizona State 6th, Hawaii 15th and Boise State 19th.

The MS vote is not influenced by sports writers and broadcasters on national championship players.

The BCS classifications determine the participants consisting of three components – the US Today Coaches Poll, the Harris Interactive College Football Survey, and the average desktop rankings, including the Sagarin ratings. Each component is calculated as one-third of the team BCS Total BCS score.

All of this sounds pretty boring, and it, however, has underestimated the status of BCS as millions of dollars are at stake. It's not just BCS's national championship game in New Orleans in 2008. On January 8, it generates huge amounts of money to teams and conferences.

It's also 4 other official BCS Bowl games. Sugar Bowl 2008 On the 1st of January, Rose Bowl, January 1, Fiesta Bowl, 2008 On January 2 and Orange Bowl, 3, 2008.

This year, the total payout of 5 BCS games will make $ 85 million and the total economic impact of the five host cities is estimated at more than $ 1.2 billion.

The bottom line is that at least 10 teams will compete in the BCS rankings. The NCAA's six largest conference champions – 1st place in the Atlantic Islands, the Great East, Big 10, Big 12, Pacific 10 (Pac 10) and South East Conference (SEC) – 5 BCS. The other arrows catch up with a complex set of qualifications.

One of these qualifications is that the team, which ends at the 6th general conference, completes the BCS final qualifying twelfth, automatically qualifies.

Knowing this clear fact, you can better understand why Hawaii (15th place) and the Boeing's country (19th place) are so much obstacle to their current BCS statistics, though Hawaii is a 10-0 record and Boise State 10-1 protocol.

West Atlantic Conference Commissioner Carl Benson spent the rest of his holidays trying to persuade "everyone and his dog" about the great victory over Hawaii against Navajo, now occupying 97th place with Sagarin at 119th Section 1a. Havana finally won 28-26 in the 45-minute field, 11 seconds away.

Given the polls and the status of BCS, nobody listened or believed Benson's words.

Taking into account that eight teams have left the pitch for the BCS National League matches, Hawaii and Beausei are fewer players who have no real chance. Fortunately, the two collide this weekend when Boise State leaves for Hawaii.

After the game a team will rise to BCS Standings, and the other will probably have greater dependence on vision and thought.

Hawaii and Boyz are huge teams and they will pay more attention when they start to play a decent competition. Sagarin arrives at night on the Hawaiian Islands (153th) and 122nd place in Boise Province (opponents' quality).

Taking into account that there are only 119 sections 1 a teams who believe that these two teams have won the bottom talent and deserve what they get.

6 The remaining 6 teams, together with the Hawaiian and Boeing region, are either unbeaten at only 1 loss, at least 5 out of 6 have played a better competition in finding a national title game.

Arizona State (6th place BCS, 9-1) occupies the 26th place with the best Sagarin power rating. Louisiana (1st place is BCS, 10-1), 27th place, West Virginia (3rd place in BCS 9-1) is 42nd, Missouri (4th place) place on BCS 10-1) 47th place, Ohio state 5th place, 11-1), 53th place, and Kansas City (2nd place, 11-0- the ninth place) is divided into 101 divisions at 119 divisions.

Kansas is a weak pavilion for 11 straight victories. Yes. Kansas can finish the BCS National Championship and win, but it is not wrong for Kansas to win its low schedule compared to its BCS rival.

If the state of Hawaii and Boise should be where they are in the penitentiary. Probably not, given the level of competition. Kansas has surpassed it. This is probably the case. All three can make me more believers if they continue to win from a better competition.

So, I think, please, please. Who has played the most difficult season of this season? Try the Warriors in Washington who are 3-7 years old.

I seriously doubt that Kansas, Hawaii, or Boise will have records that if they all played Ohio, UCLA, South California, Arizona and Orchestral Orchestras, all of them headed by Washington.

For this reason, Washington is in the N1 State National Schedule and Kansas City 101, Boise State 122nd and Hawaii 153.

Kansas this week marks the 12th North Division at Missouri. The winner is most likely to play in Oklahoma or Texas, the South Division of the Great Britain, the Great 12 title, and the place of BCS.

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